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Hairui Tomb

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Hairui, (1514-1587) also known Ruxian, or Gangfeng, was a uncorrupted minister in the Ming Dynasty. He was born in Qingshan and was assigned to the County of Chunan and Xingguo to be the governor. He was a man of justice and helped the common people to get the right. He fought against a lot of corrupted officials of the time and was considered to be the most upright of his time. When he died at his 70s, his coffin was taken back to his hometown to burry. A pavilion and a temple were built over the tomb to honor him by the local people. Later the Tomb of Hairui has become a popular place for the visitors too.

The constructions of the tomb buidings are majestic. A memorial archway stands right at the front of the gate, with the words of “Justice of Hainan” engraved on it. Path to the tomb is making of granite and is of 100 meters long. Stones with the shapes of man, goat, horse, lion and tortoise stand at each side of the path. There are other three archways along the path too.

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Bus No.1,2,16and30.

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