Leiqiong Geopark

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Located in Shishan Town in the southwest of Haikou City, 15 kilometers from the downtown area, Leiqiong World Geopark is one of the few dormant volcano group World Geoparks in China and the only tropical island city volcano group World Geopark in China, which boasts great value and significance on scientific research, popularization of science, tourism and sightseeing. Covering an area of 379 square kilometers, Leiqiong World Geopark has been ranked in the list of Hainan’s Excellent Tourist Attraction, Top 10 Scenic Spot in Hainan, the national AAAA Scenic Spot and the national Geopark. Leiqiong World Geopark is also selected as a base for teenagers’ popular science education, an important venue for the earth activity day and the first training base in mainland China for Hong Kong’s professional training center of ecological tourism. At present, Leiqiong Geopark is a multifunctional park which integrates volcano sightseeing and exploration, volcano ecology and culture appreciation, volcano mineral spring health care and scientific research. 

Volcanic Geological Heritage and Landscape

The volcanoes in the Geopark feature large quantity, diversity, complete preservation and typicality, which are rare and precious of this kind at home and abroad. Leiqiong Geopark is known as a natural expo park of quaternary volcanoes. The geological heritage in the park mainly includes the quaternary volcano clusters consisting of 40 volcanoes. It boasts complete volcano types which nearly contains all kinds of volcanoes of basaltic volcanic eruption and steam magma eruption, such as detrital cone, lava cone and mixed cone formed by magmata exhalation and rare and precious large-scale Maar volcano which are completely preserved. 
Besides, various volcanic geological landscapes abound in the park, such as the lava stream of multifarious shapes, lava tubes and ecological community. There are over 30 lava tubes with abundant internal landscapes, among which, the longest one is over 2,000 meters. On the volcanic cone, volcanic crater and basalt plateau, there is ecological community containing more than 1,200 varieties of plants. In the Geopark, historic villages, ancient stone buildings, stone pinnacles and various production and living utensils are well preserved, which keeps a record of the cultural context of ancient human and stones, and it’s referred to as the classics of national volcanic culture. 

Ling Volcanic Vent Scenic Area

In Ling Volcanic Vent Scenic Area, there are 4 volcanoes which constitute a perfect Holocene dormant volcano group. Entering into the area, you’ll feel as if you were in a basaltic stone world, an outdoor basaltic volcano museum of rich content. 

Ma An Ling Volcanic Vent

Ma An Ling Volcanic Vent is one of the world’s most complete extinct volcanic vents, on which, you can appreciate the magnificent Qiongzhou Strait. Besides, resulted from the underground magma movement during the volcanic eruption, a marvelous underground karst cave group formed. Near the volcanic vent, there are 72 volcanic karst caves underground. At present, Xianren Cave and Wolong Cave are open to the public.

Tailor-make a Tour to Haikou’s Leiqiong Geopark

If you’d like to visit Leiqiong Geopark in Haikou while traveling to China, China Travel can tailor-make  a tour to Leiqiong Geopark, which can save your time and money and trouble-free. Please feel free to tell us your idea!

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Take bus No. 2 or 9 from Haixiu Road in Haikou and get off at the Xiuying terminal station. A lot of minibuses go to the Crater Garden which costs about RMB 2 Yuan.

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Tips: You can also take a taxi there from Haikou City with the bargain charges of about RMB30 for a single trip, or RMB50 for a round trip.

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