Mangrove Forest in Dongzhai Port

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Mangrove Forest Natural Reserve in Dongzhai Port is located in the northeast of Qiongshan District in northeastern Hainan Province, which is the first mangrove forest natural reserve in China. Mangrove Forest Natural Reserve in Dongzhai Port is the largest mangrove forest nature reserve in China and one of top 10 tourism development zones in Hainan Province. It was selected as the national nature reserve in 1986 and was ranked in the List of Ramsar Sites in 1992. In 2005, Mangrove Forest Natural Reserve in Dongzhai Port was included in the list of China’s Top 8 Most Beautiful Seacoasts. There are altogether 16 families and 29 species of mangrove trees in China, and Dongzhai Port boasts 10 families and 18 species which account for over 60% of the total. 

Tourism Highlights

Mangrove forest: Mangrove forest is a kind of evergreen plant communities peculiar to tropical coastal mud bank. Because of most of its species belong to rhizophoraceae, it is named mangrove in ecology. Dongzhai Port abounds with mangrove forest thanks to its soft mud flat together with the local tropical climate which is beneficial to the growth of mangrove forest. Those dense mangrove trees in thousands of postures boast peculiar exquisite natural landscape. The mangrove forest in Dongzhai Port stretches for 50 kilometers and covers an area of over 4,000 hectares. When the high rising tide is coming, tens of thousands of mangrove trees are submerged in the tide water and only the verdant crowns reveal outside and flow with ripples, which becomes the magnificent “forest at sea”. You can go into the forest by boat and watch the mangrove forest closely. 
Wild Pineapple Island: The Wild Pineapple Island in Mangrove Forest Nature Reserve boasts elegant and beautiful environment. You can go sightseeing and visit the island by pleasure boat. On the island, it has sightseeing path for visitors. The island abounds with a vast expanse of cultivated mangrove forest and a sea of dense wild pineapple forest. Though the wild pineapples and the real pineapples are very much alike, they are too hard to eat.
Rare and Precious Birds: Mangrove Forest Natural Reserve in Dongzhai Port has an abundance of the world’s rare and precious birds, which is also a paradise of birds. In the nature reserve, there are 159 bird species including a number of rare and endangered birds, such as Chinese Egret, black-faced Spoonbill, Eurasian Spoonbill and Saunders's Gull.
Marine Products: In Dongzhai Port, you can have a taste of a large variety of fresh seafood, such as blood cockles, oysters, prawns, blue crabs and blood sturgeon, which can satisfy your stomach. 
Local Specialties: In the nature reserve, there are a number of delicious tropical fruits, such as sweetsops, mangosteen, pineapples and areca-nut.
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How to Get There?
Take bus from Fucheng to Yanfeng, and then take a tricycle to the port.

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8:00 ------ 18:00

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Transport: Mangrove Forest Natural Reserve in Dongzhai Port is 30 kilometers from downtown Haikou. You can take a mid bus from Wu Gong Ci (五公祠) of Haikou City and get off at Yan Feng (演丰). Then take a tricycle to Dongzhai Port.
Admission Fee: 5 yuan per person

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