Qiongtai Academy

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Qiongtai Academy is located on the Wenzhuang Road of Fucheng Town. Legend tells that the academy was built during the reign of Kangxi Emperor of the Qing Dynasty (CE 1705), in order to worship Qiu Jun, the greatest scholar of the Ming Dynasty (CE 1271-1368) in Hainan Province. Qiu Jun was called Mr. Qiongtai by the people of his time, thus the academy gets its name after him. Qiongtai Academy is now the site for Qiongtai Normal School.

The main building of the academy is called Kuixing Building, which is a two-storey building with green roof tilts, red corridors and white walls. On the second floor, there is a plaque, which was given by the emperor to the academy as a gift when one scholar of the academy was able to get a place as a successful candidate in the highest imperial examination. As the highest educational institution of Hainan in history, the academy was the very place for the scholars to go for further and formal education in order to pass the imperial examinations and get an official position from the emperor.

Interestingly, the story of the famous Hainan Opera "Searching the Institute" takes place just in this very academy. It is a love story between a scholar named Zhang Rimin in Qiongtai Academy and a maid from the mayor’s mansion. However, the major didn't allow his maid has a relation with the poor scholar, and he was determined to punish the maid severely. Later, the maid was scared and escaped to the academy to find the scholar for help. Fortunately, the master of the academy was very kind. He understood the two poor lovers very much and helped them escape from the men of the cruel mayor. At last, the two lovers were able to marry each other and live a happy life ever after.

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Qiongtai Academy is now the site for Qiongtai Normal School.

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