Submarine Villages

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About 300 years ago, a strong submarine earthquake attacked the area, leaving 72 villages under the sea, and they are known as the Submarine Villages now. These villages are down there about 3 to 4 meters in the sea. In May or June, when the tides ebb away, visitors may take boat to the area and the relics are there right under the sea. Time brings a great change to the world, and these villages are still there, which will give you an impressive feeling of the power of the nature. 

About 4 kilometers north to the Puqian Bay, 10 meters under the sea, there is a submarine village known as “Renchun Village”. Relics of village courtyards, family houses are dimly recognizable under the sea. A memorial archway also stands there in the sea, with fishes swimming around it, just like the scene described in the traditional myths of the Dragon Palace. There is a sea trench which is about 10 meters deep and 20 meters wide under the sea across the Dongzhai Port. To the east of the trench, there is a stone bridge, still lying across the sand track. Visitors can dive into the sea with the water lung and take a visit to these relics, either for relaxation or for exploration. It will be quite a memorable experience.

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Take a mini bus from Haikou to Wenchang and then the Pedi cab can take you there

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