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Wugong Temple (Five Officials Temple)

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Wugong Temple (the Five Officials' Memorial Temple), about five kilometers away from downtown area of Haikou, is a top-notch tourist attraction with historical significance in Haikou. Wogong Temple was built in memory of Li Deyu, a ministerial official of the Tang Dynasty and four other ministers of the Song dynasty: Li Gang, Zhao Ding, Li Guang and Hu Quan. 

The 2800-square-meter Wugong Temple is a group of ancient buildings, consisting of Guanjia Hall, Xuepu Hall, East Hall, West Hall, Shugong Temple and Pubo Temple. The Temple complex was first built during the Wanli era of the Ming Dynasty and was revamped during the 15th year of the reign of Emperor Guangxu (1889 AD). It is a two-storied red building, featuring plain tiles and red rafters and columns, and it is credited as the Number One Building of Hainan. 

On the east side of the Wugong Temple is the Shugong Temple, which was built as a tribute to Shu Shi, a great poet-statesman of the Song Dynasty. There is a courtyard garden attached to the Shugong Temple, which is laid out with fountain pools, pavilions, and balustrades etc, testifying the life trails left behind by the great poet-statesman.

Left of the Shugong Temple is the Qiongyuan Garden. The Garden covers an area of 10 acres and boasts of attractions such as Fuli Hall, Liquan Pavilion, Xixin alcove… and they were also associated with Shu Shi. The spring water gushing up from the Fuli Fountain is crystal clear and free from any contaminations. The spring water is great for tea and a delight to the palate, thus earning Fuli Fountain the name of ‘ the Number One Spring water of Hainan.

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Bus No. 1, 38, Tour bus No. 2, 12, and 21 can take you there.

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7:30 ------ 18:00

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