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Rice in bamboo in Li Style

Last updated by go2c at 2017/6/22

Bamboo rice is the traditional food for the people of the Li Nationality, who live mainly in Hainan Province. They made the rice when they are about to travel to a distant place, or go hunting and treat the guests.

The making process of the bamboo rice is very easy. First, prepare the materials like bamboo tubes, Shanlan rice (a special kind of upland rice in Hainan, it is also known as "fragrant rice"), and some special ingredients. Second, wash the bamboo tubes and rice, then put the rice into the bamboo tubes, and add in the right amount of water. Third, take some banana leaves to seal the two ends of the bamboo tubes, then put the bamboo tubes with rice inside on the charcoal fire and wait till it is ready.  

When the rice is ready, you can take it out and remove the leaves, then take a knife to cut the bamboo tube into two halves from one end to the other end. When you are going to enjoy the fragrant rice, it is much more interesting to go with some Li style Shanlan liquor.