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Haikou Transport

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Haikou Meilan International Airport is located at the Meilan Town, Qingshan District in Haikou City. It is 26 kilometers away from the downtown and is about 35-minute ride by car. 

Meilan International Airport is one of the major trunk line airports in China, covering an area of 583 hectares. The airport  was open on May 25, 1995, with 95 flight lines linking Haikou to 56 cities. Among the 95 flight lines, 84 of them are domestic service, 9 are international, and 2 are regional. 

Haikou Meilan International Airport

Haikou Meilan International Airport

At the Haikou Aviation Hotel (at No.9 Haixiu Road), passengers can take regular buses to Meilan Airport, which charges RMB 15 Yuan per person. The buses are on service from 05:30 in the morning to 21:00 in the evening, with intervals of 30 minutes.  

Meilan Airport Inquiry Office:0898-65760114

Meilan Airport Hot Line for Customers’ Complaints:0898-65751315

Meilan Airport Ticket Office:0898-65751306

South China Airlines Ticket Office :0898-65757325

Meilan Airport Luggage Inquiry:0898-65751386

Tourists can take train going directly between Haikou and Guangzhou.  Now, in Haikou Railway station, There are not only the ticket to Guangzhou, but also the tickets to other major cities in China through the system of computer network. There are 6 other ticket offices in Haikou. They are the Bailipo 115 Ticket Agent, the Donghu Passenger Station Ticket Office, the Xiuying Port Ticket Agent, the Xinggang Ticket Agent, the Datong Road Ticket Office and the Ticket Office at the South Bus Station. In Shanya City there are two ticket agent which sell tickets too.

Haikou Railway Station: Xinhai Village, Xiuying District, Haikou City

Long-distance buses contact Haikou City with many other major cities in China, such as Guangzhou, Shenzhen , Nanning, Chongqing , Liuzhou, Nanchang , Wuhan, Yulin, Yueyang, Zhengzhou , Zhuhai, Shantou, Luzhou, and so on. 

There are three long-distance bus stations in Haikou city, which lies respectively in the east, west and south. 

Haikou Motor Vehicle Transportation Station 

Address:Nanbao Road, which is just opposite the Mingdu Mansion at No. 14 Nanbao Road.

There are two ports in Haikou City namely the Haikou Port (Xiuying Port) and the New Haikou Port. Passengers can go the Zhanjiang, Beihai, Haian, Shekou from the Haikou Port (Xiuying Port) and the New Haikou Port generally deals with the car ferry across the Qingzhou Strait. 

the Haikou Port (Xiuying Port)

Address for the Ticket office at the Xiuying Dock:  No.102 Binhai Road, Haikou City 



Ticket Office:0898-68653315

Address for the Jinheng Hotel Ticket Agent: No.7 Haifu Road, Haikou City


New Haikou Port

Address:500 meters north of the Xingang Overbridge in Binghai Road   


There are about 10 bus routes in the city and most of them use ticket vending machines, charging RMB 1 Yuan. Passengers have to provide the small change for themselves. Minibus in Haikou city usually takes 10 to 12 people. The fees vary according to the distance of the routes. Bus No.28,35,37 and 40 go from the bus station to the Railway Station, and they are air-conditioned. The earliest bus starts at 6:20 and the latest at 21:30. These buses charge RMB 4-5 Yuan for the whole distance. 


Taxi in Haikou charges 10 Yuan for the initial 3 kilometers, and adds 2.2 Yuan per kilometer after that. Sometimes you may bargain with the driver for the price.