The Prime Minister Mansion Street

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The Prime Minister Mansion Street (宰相府第风情街), located in the Tide Bore Watching Scenic Area of Yanguan Town in Haining, is a distinctive and humanistic street with profound historical and cultural meaning, showing folk customs of watery villages in China. It consists of four parts and areas, including City Gate Tower Area, Tea House Area, Humanity Area and Yimiao Area(邑庙). The City Gate Tower Area is composed of the city gate tower, the suspension bridge and other parts related to military affairs. The Tea House Area is composed of gallerybridge, tea house and the place for a rest. The Humanity Area consists of Chen Family Residence, Yang Family Residence, the Former Residence of Zhengxiaocang and the like. The Temple of Town God and the traditional commercial buildings along the street constitute Yimiao Area.

The street integrates the residences of the celebrities, the mansions of the bureaucrats, the ancient Temple of Town God, the traditional commercial street shops with the distinctive dwellings. Taking a walk along the street, tourists will be immersed in the atmosphere of tranquility and simplicity.

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1. There are minibuses from Haining Train Station to Yanguan Town, taking about half an hour and 10 RMB.
2. Besides, there are T109 shuttle buses from Haining Station to Yanguan Town.

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