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Nanxiangtang Grotto

Last updated by chinatravel at 2015/11/4

Nanxiangtang Grotto is the biggest grotto discovered in Hebei so far. It is divided into south part and north part, which are about 15 kilometer from each other and include 16 grottos, 250 images of engravings on a cliff and over 4300 images of different sizes.

It is located in the northwest of Zhifang village in Linshui town, to the south foot of Gushan Mountain and on the north bank of Fuyang River. There are 7 grottos of different sizes distributed in two floors, 5 on the second floor and 2 on the first floor, which are Huayan cave, Banruo cave, Kong cave, Amituo cave, Shijia cave, Lishi Cave and Qianfo cave from bottom to top. Among them, Huayan cave is the biggest one in Nanxiangtang, with a height of 5 meters, and is engraved with “Dafangguang Buddha Huayan Sutra”. And large-scale reliefs with the story of Buddism can be found everywhere in the cave. Qianfo cave has over 1000 images of Buddha, which have formed a tranquil and harmonic world of paradise. Besides grottos, there are also palaces, pavilions, ancient towers and some other buildings here.

Beixiangtang is located in the mountainside and has 9 grottos in all, among which Big Buddha Cabe is most magnificent, with the biggest Buddha image of Sakyamuni in the whole Xiangtang Mountain. It is 4 meters high and is very rare carved stone art treasure.

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You can take bus at Handan west stop of Nanxiangtang to Pengcheng, or take No.5 bus at Handan east stop.

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