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Wahuang Palace

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Wahuang Palace was said to be where “Nvwa( a Goddess) used smelted stone to patch the broken sky and earth to make human”.

It was firstly built in North Qi Dynasty Emperor Wenxuan, and is the biggest and earliest ancient building for offering sacrifice for ancient Goddess Nvwa. There are 135 rooms here.

Wahuang Palace was built on the steep mountainside, mainly including 12 buildings like Wahuang Tower, Dressing Building, Yingshuang Building, Clock Drum-tower, Liujiao Pavilion, Wooden Memorial Arch, Pool Room. Wahuang Palace, as the principal part of constructs, with a height of 23 meters, has a 4-floor structure, whose layout is very marvelous. The first floor is consecrated with Nvwa idol, the second and fourth ones have been set with corridors, where you can ascend a height to enjoy a distant view.    

On the cliff of Wahuang Pavilion is North Qi Woya carved stone group, including 10 sutras like “Saddharmapundarika Sutra”, “Jiemi Jietuo Sutra”, “Miaofa Lotus Sutra”, “Menglanmeng Sutra”, “Shidi Sutra”, with over 130,000 characters of neat and beautiful handwriting, which has gain the reputation of “No.1 Sutra Group on the Wall in the World” and is of great value to the research of Buddhism history and calligraphy in China.

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You can drive the car to get down Handan Beikou of Jing-shen expressway and head west to She county along 309 federal highway, and then go north-west direction of Shezuo highway, where you travel to the east to Suobao town.

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