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Wuling Congtai

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Wuling Congtai is the symbol of ancient city Handan. It is said that it was built during the period of Emperor Zhao Wuling and used for him to watch the military drills and performances of entertainment. Once it was well-known for its special structure and fine decoration, and famous poets Libai and Dufu had ever came here to inscribe poems.

The existent Gucongtai was rebuilt in Qing Tongzhi period, which covers an area of 1100 square meters and is 28 meters high. In the bottom of the three-floor blue brick stage is one door each in two sides, with characters “Fu Liu Dong Jian and Ci Qi Xi Lai” inlayed on the right wall. There is a big stele on the northern stairs, which was written by Emperor Qianlong when he traveled the south of the Yangtze River. The middle floor has 5 big rooms called “Wuling Hall” and was built for commemorating Emperor Wuling. On the door of first floor was written “Wuling Congtai” four big characters.

Wuling Congtai is where Emperor Zhao Wuling carried his policy of wearing Hu people’s dress and doing troop training. During Warring States time, Zhao was a small country. After emperor Wuling ascended the throne, he decided to make Zhao stronger. Then the minority in the north was called “Hu people” and they wore narrow dresses and were good at fighting, so emperor Wuling ordered his nationals to wear the same dresses and started troop training. Finally, it became one of 7 most powerful countries in Warring States time.

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