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Zhaoyuan Tourist Area

Last updated by chinatravel at 2016/4/29

It is a comprehensive tourist area of both ancient civilization and modern science and technology. Between the main entrance doorposts is inlayed with a “Heshi Jade”, with rockery, lawn, colored fountain and artificial waterfall, and so on within the gate.  

The tourist area can be divided into scenic spot and relic area, modern amusement area, garden area and resort area. There are Chajian Mountain Range, Arrow-casting Stove, Wuling Hall, Hall of a Hundred Schools, Royal Palace of Previous Emperors, Exhibition Hall of Ancient Weapons, and Garden of Idioms and Literary Quotation in scenic spot and relic area; in the modern amusement area are Nine-palace City, Marksman Paradise, Aquatic Amusement Park, Hufu Qishe Field, etc, with very vivid character sculptures; in the garden area are assembled with Mandarin Duck Garden, Picnic Park, Jiajiale Recreation Garden, Plant Labyrinth Garden, Jixiang Garden, and Garden of Fresh Fruit; in the resort area are ancient-style guest shed, high-quality swimming pool, ballroom, bar, gymnasium, chess room, billiard room, small projection hall and some other facilities. It is a good place to recuperate and take vocations

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You can take No.2 or No.23 bus in the west of Jing-guang Railway within the city and get off at Lianfang stop.

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