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Amanfayun Resort

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Amanfayun (安缦法云) is located on 14 hectares to the west of West Lake, which is a well-know UNESCO World Heritage Site on the outskirts of Hangzhou. It is an interesting place to visit because the place have "leased" historic Chinese constructions along a ancient stone pathway surrounded by bamboo and used by monks, other tourists and the community. It is also one of the most popular hotels in Hangzhou.

Visitors are very welcomed and found the local people hospitality and grounds lush and beautiful. The resort consists of 47 dwellings surrounded by tea fields, natural forests and lush groves of bamboo.

One of the highlight of the resort is visit the the buddhist temples. The most famous temple is called Lingyin Temple. It is situated about two kilometers away from West Lake and found in the Eastern Jin Dynasty (326 AD) by an Indian monk. It will be a great experience for visitors to experience distinctive Buddhist culture.

Visitors have no worry about food problems in the resort because the restaurant can serves visitors Western cuisine and the menu features a number of international dishes, in essence offering guests finely-crafted comfort food. The restaurant located in a very clean and comfortable environment where surrounded by a grove of evergreens and overlooks a terrace.

For people fancy on tea, the tea house in Amanfayun will be an ideal place to taste authentic Chinese tea. Dragon Well Tea is valuable treasure in the West Lake and has obtained a great reputation around the world. Visitors should have a try the Dragon Well Tea and it surely will leave you an unforgettable feeling.

Beside tea house, there is still steam house, Vegetarian House, Hangzhou House for your choice.

Hangzhou House is famous for its aromatic local cuisine.  The Vegetarian House has a variety of innovative, zen-inspired dishes unique to this local eatery. Aman Spa is the ideal place for visitors to relax themselves after a trip. It is possible for visitors to enjoy nature views around while having Aman Spa.

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22 Fayun Long, Xihujiedao, Xihufengjingmingsheng District

How to Get There?
Bus 7 or 807 go there.

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All day long

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