Former Residence of Hu Xueyan

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Marco Polo said: “Hangzhou is the most beautiful and elegant city in the world.” Besides the natural scenic spot, the places of historical interest are also worth to visit.    Former residence of Hu Xueyan is approximately the best Qing Dynasty building remained in the city. The typical used to belong to the richest and the most successful merchant in Hangzhou back in the Qing Dynasty.

the former residence of hu xueyan

What to See

Glimpse into Wealthy Merchant Life

To enter the residence, you will pass through a secluded alley. It has a history of 120 years, called Yuanbao alley. It is necessary to remind that if paying attention to the alley, visitors will find there is a pattern on it. Right, it is a pattern of shoe-shaped ingot.

The shoe-shaped ingot stands for fortune in China. It shows how importance Hu Xueyan attached to his business and it is not hard to know why he can reach the successful achievement.

After entering the front door, there is the sedan chair hall, in other words, it is the parking lot. The sedan chairs are made from ginkgo wood. What right above it is the plaque saying “mian shan cheng rong” written by Royal Emperor Tongzhi.
Considering the geomantic omen, the position of the front door is not right on the axis line of the hall, but a little to the east. For he thought if the door is right on the axis line, it is hard to keep his fortune.

Behind the front door comes the second door. On the left hand is a garden of south of Yangtze River style named Zhiyuan Garden, while on your right hand is the living quarters with brick engraves and wood engraves. And all the glasses are imported colorful grind glasses which have been used over 100 years.

Traveling in the residence, all of the surroundings are towers, rockeries, corridors, pavilions, exquisite decorations, and visitors always hesitate what to begin with. What have to be mentioned is the Huijn Hall, which is a place built for Hu to see opera.

Other than the Chinese traditional building, it is interesting to see the western-style chandeliers glorifying the main hall. The Yinglian Hall was a place to receive the foreign guests. In the hall, there are several chandeliers imported from Japan and two large full-length mirrors imported from Europe. From the scale we can see how luxury the building is.

the former residence of hu xueyan

Watch the Tidewater

It is said that the Hall is the highest building during the Hu’s era so that the Qiantang River Flows can be watch on the top of the hall. It is why the Wangjiang Road out of the residence got its name.

Visit the Attractions Nearby

Nearby the Former Residence of Hu Xueyan, the Hefang old street, the Dajing alley and the West Lake are worth to visit. Especially the West Lake is famous for its gorgeous sight.

Solo Adventure Tips:


18, Yuanbao Street, Shangcheng District, West Lake Scenic Area, Hangzhou City

How to Get There?

From the bus station: bus No.1, No.5, No.7

From the train station: bus No.1

Taxi: The starting taxi fare is 10Yuan for 3 km, 2Yuan/km for the journey over 3 km and 3Yuan/km for the journey over 10 km.

Ticket Price:

20 yuan per person

Opening Hours:

8:00 to 17:30 every day.

More Tips:

The annual average temperature is 16.2 ℃,the average temperature in summer is 28.6 ℃ and the average temperature in winter is 3.8 ℃. So the best time to visit Former Residence of Huxueyan is from March to November.

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