Hangzhou Lingshan cave

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The Hangzhou Lingshan Cave is the only Karst cave found in the Hangzhou city proper. It is also widely regarded as the best cave in the West Lake district. The lake offers an amazing natural combination of wind, water, and air all in one place.
It has plenty of ridges and peaks that make up a wonderful natural display that can amaze even veteran cavers. Also called as the Lingshan Fairyland, it truly is a great place for an adventure set in nature.  
The Hangzhou Lingshan Cave is located 19-kilometers to the southwest of downtown Hangzhou. It lies strategically at the junction of Fuchun River and Qiantang River. It has been known to the Chinese people for more than 1,500 years now. Due to its location, it is quite easy to access, which helps make it an even more popular tourist destination in Hangzhou. 

Things to do

The Hangzhou Lingshan Cave is best experienced through a sightseeing day tour, which will give you plenty of time to admire its natural surroundings. The regular length of time visitors spend inside the cave is about two hours, although those who are more interested in natural wonders such as those found inside the Lingshan Cave are free to linger; in fact, many cavers and photographers tend to stay long as they find countless of things that are of interest to them. Inside the cave are a lot of tall stalagmites and stalactites of varying shapes and sizes, a river, a waterfall, and a lot of dazzling lights reflected by the waters. As one of the biggest water and land caves in China, the Lingshan Cave does have a lot to offer. 
Due to the large numbers of visitors who go to the cave regularly, there is already a predetermined sightseeing route to follow. The zigzag route will help you see all the important sights inside the cave. Guests are also allowed to take the only electric water train in China; the train runs along the cave’s long and winding underground river.
Some of the things visitors should watch out for include the Tianzhu Peak, which is considered as Asia’s tallest stalagmite; the natural stone structure rises up to 24.5 meters in height and looks like a 103-meter long vertical staircase standing alongside a cliff. Aside from that, the cave also has a a large stalactite also known as the Jade Lotus Waterfall and a 9,200-square-meter limestone wall rising up to 116 meters and is nicknamed as the Nine-Sky Flying Dragon. The latter is known to many experts as the number one limestone wall of its kind in the world. 
Aside from these, the cave also features around 40 more limestone features, some of which have been named the Breaking Vale, Stone Clothes Snow Lotus, and the Yunba Waterfall. Thousands of stone balls and pearls and lots of flowers can also be found inside. 
For many visitors, the best sight of all is the waterfall found within the cave. The 20-meter high waterfall is considered rare in China. 
All in all, the Lingshan Cave in Hangzhou is one of the most widely recommended tourist spots in the region, especially among nature lovers. It is a must-see for anyone traveling in the area as it offers sights that are very rare in Hangzhou. 

Solo Adventure Tips:


Zhoupu Township, West Lake District, Hangzhou (19 kilometers away from the city center)

How to Get There?

take the NO.510 bus wchich works from 7:00 am to 4:00 pm with a time shift of 40 minutes

Ticket Price:

RMB 50 for adults, RMB 25 for children ( shorter  than 1.3 meters)

Opening Hours:

8:00 to 16:00

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