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China’s ‘Atlantis’

Atlantis is a mysterious country existed dating back to 370BC. It was the Eighth Grand Continent out of the seven, which was the core of the culture of this mysterious continent. This continent is only recorded in the ancient record and there is no evidence can prove the existence of Atlantis.

The China’s ‘Atlantis’ is found in 2001 when the government organized an exploration to discover the ancient remains. The Lion City was buried beneath water for 53 years, located under the 85 to 131 feet Thousand Islets Lake. The city is so-called Lion City is because it was laid in front of a mountain called Five Lions Mountain.

In 2001, in the first attempt to explore the remains of the lost city, 265 arches in the preserved ruins were found. The size of the ruins is about the scale of 62 football field.


An on-water Tour

The lost Lion City is located beneath the Thousand Islets Lake. Visitors can take a trip to the on-ground world first. It is the first artificial lake built in 1959. The annual average water temperature of Thousand Islets Lake is about 19.6℃ and is a ideal place for escaping the hot summer.

The islets have a rate of 95% of forest coverage and with 1,800 varieties of plants, visitors can appreciate various kinds of pretty followers in full bloom and enjoy a variety of fruits and local products, including sun-dried fish, sweet dates and hickory nuts.

An Underwater Tour

According to Our World magazine, “It was decided to make an underwater city accessible to tourists. Special submarine height of 3.8 meters and a length of 23 meters with a capacity of 48 passengers were built over six million U.S. dollars to bring everyone in the underwater kingdom.” Visitors can have a wonderful underwater tour of the mysterious lost city.

Visitors can see the buildings in the Lion City with a lot of sculptures like lions, phoenixes, Sika, Kylins and many other patterns. The water protects the ancient city from rain, sun and wind erosion. Thus the historical site can be preserved in good condition.

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      Qiandaohu Town, Chun'an County, China

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Transportation: Thousand Islets Lake and Hangzhou Buses from Hangzhou West Long Distance Bus Station(杭州汽车西站) travel from 6:00 to18:40 and run every 40 minutes. Buses from Thousand Islets Lake at Qiandaohu Long Distance Bus (千岛湖长途汽车站) travel from 5:20 to 18:00 and run every 40 minutes.

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