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The Mountain Family in Hangzhou is the most unique agricultural site in the region. Thus, it is considered as a major sightseeing and tourist destination. The Mountain Family is in fact a small mountain village that dates back to over a hundred years ago.
In the past, it was used as a school leaver practice spot in which the dreams of an entire generation of Chinese pupils lived. Until now, some traces of youthfulness can still be felt in the area. 
The Mountain Family is a wonderful place to go to because it is truly a natural paradise. At the right time, wisps of smoke gather there, creating a beautiful sight that is rarely seen when you are in the city. 

Things to do

Tourists go to Mountain Family mainly for sightseeing tours, during which they can admire the scenery and take in the beauty of nature. The well-preserved mountain with its quaint village homes indeed has a very charming, cozy, and welcoming feel. Many visitors tend to want to linger in the mountain and just take advantage of the chance to relax and take in the peaceful and calm atmosphere. The solace of the mountain protects the village from the hustle and bustle that the city atmosphere always comes with. 
The Mountain Village is welcome to all visitors. Those who stay awhile are even allowed to pick fruits and enjoy the fresh bounty provided by nature. Many locals and even tourists sometimes decide to stay even longer, sometimes even long enough to open an orchard of their own. 
Life in the Mountain Family Village is nothing like modern life. The villagers live by their own harvest, and spend quiet nights and quiet days. The place is therefore highly recommended for those who are looking for a peaceful Hangzhou getaway. 
The Mountain Family in Hangzhou offers plenty of retreats and escapes for those who wish to escape from the grey city. In the mountains, the surroundings are predominantly green with all the trees and plants in the surroundings. Some of the mountains still house some of China’s ethnic minority groups, and it is always a memorable experience to witness their unique lives. 
The usual activities, aside from sightseeing and admiring nature and the mountains, that people can engage in when they are in the Mountain Family include planting, trying out the fruits, bird-watching, walking, trekking, hiking, and meditating. The simple villages provide modern visitors a glimpse of what life used to be like and invite them to take part. In certain times of the year, the villagers would conduct their yearly festivals, in which visitors can also participate. 
The village is dotted with many simple inns and restaurants that are set up by the locals; these offer all the basic conveniences that visitors require. Many modern facilities and amenities, however, may not be available. 
One of the most amazing things that attract plenty of tourists to the Mountain Family is the fact that despite the rapid development in China’s main cities, the mountain village and the people who dwell there seem to remain untouched and unmoved. They are not at all influenced by the fast-paced lifestyle in the cities. Due to the quaint and peaceful lifestyle there, it can be truly tempting to stay awhile. 

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How to Get There?

Take bus route K315 from the Hangzhou urban area, particularly at the Longxiang Bridge, and go to the Hangzhou Amusement Park. From there, you can transfer to the Xiaoshan bus route no. 6, which can take you directly to the Mountain Family. 

Ticket Price:

Free to enter the village, but some of the scenic sites inside may charge varying entrance rates. 

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