Nanshan Road

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Nanshan Road is located in the core area of the old city district in Hangzhou. It has the largest capacity of environment, the most profound deposit of history and the most intact type of attractions in West Lake scenic spots.

Many famous poets like Zhang Xian and Li Qingzhao from Song Dynasty, Zhou Mi from South Song Dynasty, Yang Weizhen from Yuan Dynasty, royal court painter Liu Songnian and some other famous people used to live in Nanshan Road and created their works there.

There are a plenty of historical sites and beautiful legend: Water gate site of Tang Dynasty, the Qian Ancestral Temple, Jujing Garden of Imperial Family, Stone Pavilion around Ding Henian’s Tomb and the legendary pond of golden ox out of the water and many other heritages.


What to See

Historical Site

Nanshan Road is around 4, 300 meters long and 20 meters wide. Along the road, there locates a lot of historical sites about art and literature. As one of the famous art academies and has a hundred years’ history, the China Academy of Art is set a campus there. It makes Nanshan Road addicted to a strong atmosphere of culture and art.

In the daytime, to visit these culture sits peacefully is a good choice for most of the travelers.

What to Do

Bars and Club

Nanshan Road is a combination of traditional culture and modern culture. In the daytime, it is a peaceful culture street, while at night, it costumes itself into a dynamic girl. If there is something can stand for the nighttime, it is Nanshan Road. There are varieties of bars that travelers always can find a spot that suits his or her mood as they make their way along this both old and modern street.

Kana's Bar

As the icon of Nanshan Road, Kana’s Bar is owned by a foreign student used to study in abroad. Kana’s is influential in development of the city’s night life. Many foreigners and locals are excited to have shelf drinks and well-mixed cocktails there. Reasonable rates and friendly service make this spot a must-stop. Both DJs and live bands keep playing an eclectic mix of rap, R&B, funk and hip-hop for the crowds.

Night & Day

Night & Day is another popular club located on Nanshan Road. It well-mixes Chinese culture with Latin culture. The club features an upstairs balcony that provides magnificent views of the lovely West Lake. Live bands keep playing salsa tunes and travelers drink the alcohol mixed by the bartenders and enjoy the night spot of West Lake is such leisure.

Attractions Nearby

There are some famous scenic spots near Nanshan Road: Leifeng Afterglow (雷峰夕照) , Evening Bell at Nanping Hill (南屏晚钟) , Orioles Singing in the Willows (柳浪闻莺) and Qian Ancestral Temple (钱祠表忠) . They are must-sees when travelers come to Hangzhou.

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How to Get There?

Bus 4, 30, 12, 25, 60, 315, 809, Y2 and Y5 to the Yongjin Gate stop.

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Opening Hours:

All day long.

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