Xitang Water Town

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Xitang (西塘) is an ancient scenic town in Jiashan County, Zhejiang Province, China. It is an ancient and distinctive town attracts people from all around the word, in particularly those are tired of city life. Regard to the appearance and mode of life, Xitang Water Town is an outstanding one with its special glamour among all towns in China.


Xitang Water Town has a long history and unique culture. Dating back to Spring and Autumn Period, it was the border between State of Yue and Wu. There are a number of well-preserved constructions from the Ming and Qing dynasties in the town, expressing the ancient southern style of water towns and evoking a deep sense of culture. Tall gray walls, archaic black eaves and narrow flagstones are typical of Xitang's traditional architecture.


Xitang is densely distributed with rivers and has a very quiet natural environment. There are 9 rivers across the town and divide it into 8 parts. However, many old-fashioned stone bridges were built to link these parts together. In the older parts of town, the buildings are set along the banks of the canals, which serve as the main transportation thoroughfares in the area.

Xitang also contains numerous antique residences and temples, such as the Temple of the Seven Masters. The town keeps a tranquil ambience and scenic beauty, making it a very popular tourist attraction. The most beautiful moments of Xitang happen in the early morning and at the dusk. It is suggested that visitors take their cameras to capture splendid sceneries in the town.

Food in Xitang

People come visit the Water Town to appreciate elegant simplicity of Jiangnan region. It is necessary to enjoy the local food here since there are a few good places for visitors to try. It not only provides you a good position where you can enjoy the natural views and delicious food at the same time.

For example, Qiantang Restaurant where sits nearby the river and Jing Yi Xuan locates deep inside the Gunong are two good choices. These restaurants have good environment and good services. They provide delicious local delicacy, specifies and seafood. The favourite food in Xitang - fenzheng rou (steamed meat covered with rice flour) - is particularly savory for visitors, and is very reasonably priced.

Leguo Restaurant

Leguo Restaurant (乐国酒家) was built in 1921,situated in Shaoxiang bay,Xitang. In the old days, three poet recited poems and drunk for three days long. Nowadays, the Leguo restaurant gets larger and provides more delicacies and drinks. The yellow wine is still as good as the old days. It is good to come here to enjoy the local food and its history.

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Xitang Water Town is located at Jiashan Town of Zhejiang Province

How to Get There?

For visitors in Shanghai and Hangzhou can take a train or bus to Jiapu. Buses go to Xitang set out every five minutes in the Jiapu station. In addition, visitors in Shanghai can take special bus line from Jiapu to Meilong. It takes visitors about 70 minutes.

Ticket Price:

100 Yuan P/P

Opening Hours:

All Day

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