Yunqi Zhujing

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Yunqi Zhujing (云栖竹径) is located in the southwest of the West Lake. Literally it refers to Cloud Shrouded Path in a Bamboo Grove. It is 20 miles away from Hangzhou city, avoiding modern city’s noise and crowd. Owing to its special geographical condition, the haze is staying on a path in the bamboo forest hence the name.It is near Lingyin Temple and buses are available in front of Song Cheng. If you are interested in quiet attraction, you should not miss this one. 

There is a pavilion lies in front of the entrance of Zhujing. It was built in the Ming Dynasty according to legend. Yunqi Zhujing is famous for its tranquility and cool. When midsummer comes, people visit this place to get away from the heat and the noisy city.

A number of Chinese sweet gum aged over a thousand years grows up in the forest. The trees reach to more than 40 meters in height, being one of the ancient forests in the West Lake. When winters comes, frost falls on the red leaves seem like rosy clouds.

Wu Yun Mountain (五云山) is the third largest mountain among mountains in the West Lake. According to legend, five colors of cloud circle around the top of mountain. There is a temple located in the top of the mountain that attracts many people come to worship their belief. In 1955.Chairman Mao has visited Wu Yun Mountain and left a poem to appreciate the beauty of this mountain.

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Meiwu Road, Yuqiwu, Wuyu Mountain, West Lake District, Hangzhou City

How to Get There?
Take bus Y4,324 and 658.

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Take a bicycle to visit around and enjoy the beautiful natural views, which will not disappoint you.

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