Yuquan Campus in Zhejiang University

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Zhejiang University is one of the best universities in China. And the Yuquan campus is a campus with a long history. A lot of old buildings of 1920s are preserved in good condition. As a tourist, maybe the only thing to do is to walk around. But many visitors may be impressed by the cultural atmosphere and the study atmosphere there.

The university is located in the northwest corner of West Lake, neighboring the Hangzhou Botanical Garden. As beautiful as West Lake scenic spot, Zhejiang University (Yuquan Campus) is worth visiting when wandering the crowded sight spot. It is a delicately beautiful university with a group of outstanding students and is known as the most graceful university in China.

What to See

Surrounding of Campus

Zhejiang University is one of the top ten universities in China. And Yuquan Campus is an old and the main campus of Zhejiang University. Many tourists are coming to visit the beautiful university for hearing the good reputation. Built in 1900s, many old-style buildings are preserved to deepen the cultural deposits. It seems like a part of West Lake.

There is a Jiangjun mountain behind the library. Climbing the mountain, tourists can overlook the whole Hangzhou city. West Lake and Xixi Wetland can be seen from it. The road up to the mountain is not very flat. It might mean that the road of study is as rough as the road, but if one insists on going up, he or she will see the beautiful sight. Occasionally, one or two students will be found reading on the slope.

Geological Museum

Zhejiang University consists of around a hundred majors. A geological museum is set for the relevant study. In the museum, tourists can get the chance to face with rare fossils. The one-hundred-million-year dinosaur fossils in good keep, the hornstone from 5 hundred million year ago, the chrysanthemum stone and the emerald, the king of the gems in China. It is a good place to know the physical geography of Hangzhou.

What to Eat

The reputation of the food in Zhejiang University is as good as the university itself. The international studies canteen is available to the tourists. For non-Chinese tourists, there are picture menus in the canteen. It makes life easier. Enjoy the delicious dishes with a cheap price.

Nearby Attractions

The university is located in the northwest corner of West Lake, neighboring the Hangzhou Botanical Garden. And Lingyin Temple is also a good place for visiting.

Solo Adventure Tips:


38, Zheda Road, Yuquan Campus of Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province.

How to Get There?

Bus No. 28、16、15、21、815、82、527 or Tourism No. 5 to the front door.
Bus No. 194、92 to the back door.

Ticket Price:


Opening Hours:

all day long

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Nearby Attractions:

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