Zhexi Grand Canyon

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The Zhexi Grand Canyon is a famous man-made waterway found in Hangzhou, China. Also known as the Grand Canal due to the large waterway that runs along the path, the Zhexi Grand Canyon features a fascinating combination of natural and man-made wonders. The scenic area comprises, therefore, of a long and seemingly endless winding path of water with mountains on both sides. Its total length is believed to be more than 80 kilometers. It is best known for majestic views of China’s mountains and for the rapid currents of its waters.

The Zhexi Grand Canyon is one of the most important scenic spots to see in Hangzhou as it breaks records by being 10 times longer than the Suez Canal and 20 times longer than the Panama Canal. Thus, it is considered as yet another amazing achievement for the Chinese people.

Things to do

The Zhexi Grand Canyon offers plenty of sights and things to do for visitors. The scenic area is divided into three sections to make it easier for tourists to experience the canyon fully.

The first section is called the Longjing Canyon. This is an 18 kilometer canyon boasting of an exotic peak, a graceful waterfall, and steep daring rocks. Some of the rocks have even earned nicknames such as ‘White Horse Sticking Out in the Middle and Plowing Above the Yellow Ox Cliff’.

The second section is called the Shangxi Canyon, which extends to a length of 26 kilometers. The canyon boasts of a very steep topography but is most reputed for its exotic collection of mountain stones. In fact, it is known as the only place where the chicken-blood stone can be found; this stone is considered native to China and is hailed as a national treasure.

The third section is called the Zhemen Canyon, which runs for 30 kilometers in length. The Zhemen Canyon is unique since it is made up of many layers of waterfalls. It is also known for creating a unique flowing stone mist. There visitors can also admire the stone gates of all sizes, which are widely reputed.

All of these areas can be enjoyed by taking a boat trip that takes you through the canal. The trip will also give you a great view of many water villages, arched stone bridge, and ancient buildings that dot the area as well as several other notable features, such as the Diaoshui Rock, the Zhelin Waterfall in the Cudrania Forest, the Cormorant Pool, the Shixiang Bay (Lion and Elephant), the Baxian Pool (Eight Immortal), and the Xishui Beach (Playing with Water).

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The Zhexi Grand Canyon waterway runs from Beijing to Hangzhou and intertwines with give rivers namely the Haihe, Huaihe,Yellow River, Qiantang River, and the Yangtze River

How to Get There?

1) Take a bus to Changhua (12.6 yuan) and transfer to a minivan cab for 5 yuan; this will drive you to the Taiping Bridge stop. You can also get a taxi instead of a minivan cab; a taxi will cost you 80 yuan but can get you to the gate of the Zhexi Grand Canyon area in just half an hour.

2) The Hangzhou West Coach Station offers daily bus lines headed to Daoshi; the buses leave every noon. If you take any of these buses, you can get off at the Taiping Bridge, which is near the gate of the scenic area. The trip costs 14 yuan.

3) You can also take the Zhexi Grand Canyon special line bus if you are coming from the urban areas of Lin’an City. The bus leaves Lin’an at 7:30 in the morning and leaves for Lin’an at 16:30 every day. Make sure, however, to book your ticket in advance as the bus seats meet high demand from visitors. The special bus line costs 78 yuan, but this already includes the admission ticket, the return ticket, a special insurance fee, and the fee for the tour guide. For tickets, go to no. 421 Yijin Street; the office is just beside the Linhua supermarket and opposite the King Qian mausoleum.

Ticket Price:

CNY 15

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