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Hangzhou Public Buses

Hangzhou Public Buses

There are many bus routes in the urban areas of Hangzhou. The buses reach every part of the urban areas. 

Public Bus

Hangzhou public bus system offers great convenience to people. There are many bus routes in the urban areas of Hangzhou and the buses reach almost every part of the urban areas. Although different bus routes charge different, bus fare labels on each station board, ranging from 1 to 5 yuan.

The buses in the urban areas which are numbered with singular numbers and even numbers are ordinary buses (such as route 5 and 19) with a fare of 1 to 3 yuan. The buses which begin with "1" are electric cars (such as route 153). The buses which begin with "K" are air-conditioned buses (such as No. K33) with a fare of 2 to 3 yuan. The buses beginning with “Y” are sightseeing buses which take visitors to the main attractions in Hangzhou, such as No. Y2. BRT buses are fast, beginning with “B” with a fare of 3 to 4 yuan.

The suburban buses which begin with "3" and the special line buses which begin with "5" have multi-level pricing (the ordinary buses generally have a starting fare of 1 yuan and the air-conditioned buses 2 yuan).

Sightseeing Bus

Sightseeing bus No. Y2, Y3, Y4, Y5, Y6, Y7, Y8, Y9, 51 and 52 stop by the main attractions in Hangzhou. No. 51 and 52 run around the West Lake.

Bus Rapid Transit (BRT)

There are 15 BRT lines in Hangzhou but no BRT line to the West Lake.


Almost all buses are self-service ticketing buses (including air-conditioned buses) in the urban areas of Hangzhou. Broadcast on the bus tells passenger what station the bus will arrive at. Passengers get on the bus at the front door and get off at the back door. Make sure to prepare enough change when taking a bus, no change will be given.

The operating hours of Hangzhou buses are generally as follows: special tourist bus and suburban bus, 6:00-18:00; urban bus, 5:00-22:00; the bus lines whose operating hours exceed 22:00 include route 151, 152, 155, K56, K3 and K8 as well as the night line of route 201 and route 213. The through buses include route 8 (Drum Tower- Desheng New Village), route 228 (the East Railway Station -Wulinmen), Route 251(the Railway Station- Gongzhenqiao), route 208,the departure time of buses at night is at intervals.

Stations at up routes are not always the same to the down routes. Pay attention to that.

Half ticket bus fee is charged during March, April, October and November.

During the Spring Festival, some roads change to one-way streets. So bus routes will change accordingly.


There are 3 subway lines opened in Hangzhou: Subway Line 1, Line 2 and Line 4.

Line 1

Xianghu Station – Wenzelu Station; Xianghu Station to Linping Station

Main stations: Yuhang Railway Station, Hangzhou East Railway Station, Chengzhan Railway Station and Bus South Station.

Operation time: 6:00-22:30

Line 2 and Line 4

Operation time: 6:30-22:30

Ticket price: 2 to 8 yuan according to your riding distance


The flag fall for taxis in the urban areas of Hangzhou City is 11 yuan for the first three kilometers and 2.5 yuan for every additional kilometer. If the distance exceeds 10 kilometers, the fare of the part exceeding 10 kilomters is 3.75 yuan for every additional kilometer. If customers ask the taxi to wait, the fare is 2.5 yuan for every 4 waiting minutes.

The taxi fare above is just for reference. Different taxi models charge different. There are some Mercedes-Benz brand taxies in the city of Hangzhou. The operating price for the luxury Mercedes-Benz brand is 15 yuan for the first three kilometers and 3.5 for each additional kilometer. If the distance exceeds 8 kilometers, the fare is 4 yuan for every additional kilometer. The price will not be increased at night, but it may be adjusted with the price of oil.


It is hard to call a taxi at 17:00 to 18:00. It is a time for handover.

Always ask taxi driver meter the distance. If the taxi is not metered, you should make sure you are familiar with the road and organise the price beforehand.

Bicycles Rental

Public bikes are very common in Hangzhou. Visitors can rent a bike to riding around the West Lake. It is very convenient. There are many points to rent and return bikes in Hangzhou, especially aroung the West Lake.

Rental fee: 300 yuan for deposit. Renting bike within 1 hour is free, within 2 hours is 1 yuan and within 3 hours is 2 yuan. If renting time exceedes 3 hours, the exceeding part charges 3 yuan per hour.

Renting time: 6:00-21:00 from April to October; 6:30-20:30 from November to March.


Some service spots

Huaqiao Restaurant: It is located on No.15 Hubin Road (the junction of the Changsheng Road). The deposit for each bicycle is 300 yuan. The rent is 6 yuan/hour for a single bicycle and 15 yuan/hour for a double bicycle. Rental hours: 8:00--21:00; phone call: 0571-87074401-6658

Zhongshan Park: It is located in front of the gate of Zhongshan Park in Gushan Mountain. The deposit for every bicycle is 300 yuan. The rent is 6 yuan/hour for a single bicycle and 15 yuan/hour for a double bicycle.

Wanghu Hotel: It is located in the Sixth Park of Hubin (No. 2 Huancheng West Road). The deposit for each bicycle is 300 yuan. The rent is 6 yuan/hour. The service is restricted to tourists who stay in the hotel. 24 hours service, phone call: 0571-87071024-369


West Lake Riding

Visitors can rent a bike to ride around the West Lake, but most of the bank of West Lake is only for pedestrians. Walking is more convenient if do have enough time.



There are two ship routes in Hangzhou: Beijing - Hangzhou Canal and Qiantang River Canal. There are 7 ship lines on the urban canal. Ships stop at 4 stations, including Wulinmen Wharf (near the West Lake Cultural Square), Xinyifang Wharf (80 meters from the northside of Jiangzhang Bridge),  Gongchen Bridge Wharf (near Canal Cultural Square), and Dockyard Warf.

Operation time: From 7:00 to 18:00, there is a ship every half an hour. From 7:00 to 8:00 and 16:30 to 18:00, ticket fare is 3 yuan. For the rest of the time, ticket fare is 5 yuan per person.

Tel:0571-88024168(ship);56079211(water relaxation)

Car Hire

Sales Department of Zhejiang Overseas Tourism Automobile Company:No. 32 Huaguang Road of Hangzhou City

Zhejiang Zhongzu Car Leasing Co. Ltd.:No. 453 Xixi Road of Hangzhou City

Zhejiang Guoxin Car Leasing Co. Ltd.:No. 139 Tiyuchang Road of Hangzhou City

Rental Cost price (for reference): Rental price for Santana (ordinary): 200-250 yuan/ day; Rental price for Santana (type2000):300-350 yuan/day; Rental price for Qirui: 200-250 yuan/ day; Rental price for Fukang: 200-220 yuan/ day


1.The rental hours of cars is based on a 24 day. The mileage allowance per day is 200 kilometers. If it exceeds 200 kilometers, the renter will be charged extra 1 to 3 yuan per kilometer according to the type of the car. If it is less than 100 kilometers, it will be counted as half a day. If a driver fromthe leasing company is hired at the same time, the rent will be increased accordingly.

2. Related phone call: asking direction of the urban areas:1606000 First aid: 120 car fault repair:85451919

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