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Tiantai Mountain Forest Park

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Brief introduction

Being in the dividing lines of the climates of the north and the south, Tiantai Mountain Forest Park has abundant and colorful natural and humanity sights, and is an integration of grotesqueness, adventurousness, antiquity, and picturesqueness. The sights in the forest are majestic. The physiognomy is steep and grotesque. The sights are rich and colorful because of the whether. The views of water are beautiful and impressive. The humanity sightseeing is steeped in history. Religious temples and cultural relics are everywhere to be seen. Tiantai Mountain is towering, the top of which is as flat as a platform, thus named Tiantai (Heaven Platform), and earns the reputation of being number one famous mountain in southern Shaanxi. Literary men and travelers, officers and esquires of past generations left quite a lot of cultural relics on this mountain. Tiantai Mountain is famous for its unique sights. Yan Ruyu of the Qing Dynasty once made a poem to glorify the views on the mountain. The uniqueness of Tiantai Mountain also lies in its dense and rich forests and resources for herbal medicine. The loftiness of the mountain, the beauty of the forests, and the constantly changing climate all the year round make this majestic mountain every more unique. It was said that the famous doctor Sun Simiao of the Tang Dynasty traveled around the southern Shaanxi to cure common people of diseases after he relinquished his post. He climbed the Tiantai Mountain to get the herbal medicines he wanted, and found herbs spreading everywhere on the mountain with dense forests and serene waters. He was very excited, and made the mountain the base for plucking his herbs to help people who suffered from diseases. Later generations built Tiantai Temple in memory of Sun Simiao---King of Herbs. According to Official Governmental Records of the Han Dynasty, Tiantai Temple was built in the 43rd year of the Ming Dynasty (the year 1615), and the main hall was for later generations to pay homage to Sun Simiao, thus the name Hall of the King of Herb. From then on, people of nearby counties came to pay tribute to Sun Simiao in Chinese lunar June every year.

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there is special direct passenger transport from Chenjiaying in the downtown area to Tiantai Mountain Forest Park

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