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Hanzhong Travel Guide

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Hanzhong Overview

Hanzhong has been renowned for the names of “Little Jiangnan”(Jiangnan, south of the Yangtze River) in the northwest and “cornucopia” in Qinba mountainous areas. Hanzhong boasts a long history and its culture is of great profundity. Numerous historic figures not only enrich the history of the city, but also leave abundant historic sites of humanities. The famous strategist of the Three Kingdoms Period---Zhuge Liang, who is guarded by twenty-two cypresses, sleeps forever in the Wuhouci (Memorial Temple of Zhuge Liang) at the foot of Dingjun Mountain. The great ambition and lofty ideal of the founder of the Han Dynasty (Gao Zu of the Han Dynasty Liu Bang) to govern the whole country are inscripted on the ancient Han Platform. The pioneer of the Silk Road Zhang Qian and the inventor of papermaking Cai Lun also sleep quietly in this city, and ward this land reminiscence of its landscapes. The meandering Hanjiang River nourishes the green lands with wonderful natural scenery. Luxuriant grass and trees grow on mountains and plains and on banks of rivers and streams, forming boundless forests. Hanzhong City has an area of 27246 square kilometer, with a population of 3.72 million.

[Area Code] 0916
[Zip Code] 723000
[Jurisdiction] It holds jurisdiction over Hantai District and 10 counties (Nanzheng County, Chenggu County, Yang County, Xixiang County, Mian County, Ningqiang County, Lveyang County, Zhenba County, Liuba County, Foping County).