Harbin Ice and Snow World

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Harbin Ice and Snow World, located in Songbei District of Harbin City and on the north bank of Songhua River, opens on January 5 every year. Combining the essence of art of ice and snow with ice-snow recreational activities, Harbin Ice and Snow World is the largest ice and snow garden party in the world with the most ice and snow art landscape, the most comprehensive recreational activities and the most beautiful night views. As the leading brand of Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival, Harbin Ice and Snow World was established on the bank of the beautiful Songhua River at the end of 1999. Harbin Ice and Snow World is entertaining, ornamental, artistic and vivid, presenting to the world the unique charm of Harbin as a famous northern city and the attraction of ice and snow tourism.

There are six scenic areas in Harbin Ice and Snow World, which are the Journey of Civilization, the Journey of Art, the Journey of City, the Journey of Happiness, the Journey of Dreams and the Journey of Ice and Snow Sports. As the vanguard of the art of ice and snow in Harbin and the world, Harbin Ice and Snow World is attracting countless tourists from home and abroad and will surprise China and the whole world for its perfect combination of art and advanced technology.

Harbin Ice and Snow World has moved several times ever since it was started. Finally, on its 3rd session in 2001, Harbin Ice and Snow World was decided on a permanent site eventually on the west zone of the Sun Island on the north bank of Songhua River. The west zone of the Sun Island covers an area of 2.82 million square meters, including the Ice and Snow World. The tourist resort is being built on the base of the year-round scenery of Harbin Ice and Snow World. And there will be international-standard golf course, water park, sports recreational facilities and European-style landscape in the resort.

Eastern Scenic Area: It features ice and snow activities and children’s recreational activities, consisting of large man-made skiing fields, large ice slides, children’s playground, Christmas square, maze, large inflated buildings and other facilities for entertainment.

Features of Eastern Scenic Area: Equipped with children’s favorite amusement programs, it meets children’s demand for ice and snow activities. Inside the large inflated buildings, there are services such as shopping, dining and skiing equipment rental that are provided to visitors. There are also lounges and dressing rooms for visitors.

Central Scenic Area: It is the main area of the whole park, featuring sightseeing and large-scale activities. It consists of a variety of scenic spots, including Mount Everest, Mount Yan Genghua, Time Square, giant ice porticos, multicolor ice screens and fountains.

Features of the Central Scenic Area: This area offers sights of educational significance. The magnificent models of Mount Everest and Mount Yan Genghua are based on the glorious deed of Yan Genghua’s climbing up Mount Everest, inspiring people to try their best to overcome difficulties. The large square is used to hold many activities, such as opening ceremonies, artistic performances, super aqueous Disco and masquerade.

Western Scenic Area: It is a comprehensive recreation area, consisting of a dozen of sites and exciting activities, including Northeast China Folk Garden, European Garden, Adventure Park, extreme ice and snow activities, snowfield kartings, snowfield motorcycles and snow mountain for climbing.

Features of the Western Scenic Area: Visitors can enjoy the artistic ice and snow buildings of various styles, take part in exciting ice and snow amusement activities, and have a taste of the authentic cuisines in North China and Russian cuisines.

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