Harbin Zhaolin Park

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The Harbin Zhaolin Park is popular all around the world for its famous ice carvings. The park is located in Harbin in the district of Daoli. Each year Harbin Zhaolin Park attracts thousands of visitors and participants for the annual Ice and Snow Festival.

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Harbin Zhaolin Park is located in Harbin City’s Daoli District on the banks of the Songhua River along the northern Zhaolin Street. Harbin Zhaolin Park was the first ever park to be built in the city. It had been created to commemorate General Li Zhaolin. Built in the year 1900, the Harbin Zhaolin Park was originally called Daoli Park. It received its present name in the year 1946.

The Highlights 

After its improvements done in 1985, the Harbin Zhaolin Park is a beautiful park with nice scenery. The Huaguo Mountain is located on the east while the Meigui Mountain is located on its west. Towards the south is the Xiaonan Islet while in the north lies the glass flower cellar. In the center of the park is an artificial lake with five bridges that link the area cleverly. The Harbin Zhaolin Park is home to a fish and flower exhibition hall, skate land, children’s playground, an open air theater, arbors, Dingxiang Garden and Yingyue Garden.

The Facilities 

Harbin Zhaolin Park has a long history. It also has many modern facilities for visitors such as a bird and flower garden, a golden fish hall, children’s paradise, ice skating, an amusement ground, flower beds, rocks and fountains. It offers a lot of relaxation and entertainment options. Trees and flowers of the four seasons have been planted in the park. Due to the unique climate of the area, there are two distinct nature of natural beauty that can be found in the Harbin Zhaolin Park.

Summer Attractions 

During the summer and spring months, the park has flowers blooming, twittering birds and great sunshine. The park has two very distinct natural sceneries due to its unusual climate. Greenery flourishes during the summer and creates beautiful scene with flowers and fragrant grass. Harbin Zhaolin Park also has many charming gardens such as the clove garden, south greenhouse garden, reflecting moonlight garden and northern garden.

The Ice Lantern Show And Ice Festival 

Harbin Zhaolin Park hosts the ice lantern show and the annual snow and ice festival each year during the winter months. During the night time, the ice lanterns displayed in the park combined action, sound and light to create a magical scenery with plenty of colors. The fanciful and vivid designs reflect scenes from around the world. The snow and ice festival displays the creativity, use of modern technology and science to create exquisitely carved snow and ice art work in various shapes and forms.
These are 3D ice paintings and replicas of famous monuments from around the world. The festival showcases ice buildings, ice pavilions, corridors, bridges and towers completely made from ice. When the lights are put on in the evenings, the entire park comes alive in glittering and shimmering beauty. 
The annual Snow and Ice Festival is organized each year from January 5th to late February. New surprises and sculptures are in store for visitors each year.

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37 Senlin Jie, Daoli District in Harbin

How to Get There?

Visitors can reach the Harbin Zhaolin Park by taking trolley bus number 103 or 101 to Zhaolin Park from the Harbin train station.

Ticket Price:

40 RMB

Opening Hours:

09:00 AM to 10:00 PM

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