Wujimi Ski Resort

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Wujimi Ski Resort is known to be a very popular ski resort in China and attracts a large number of visitors each year. In Manchu language, Wujimi means a place filled with blossoming flowers. The resort is known for its good snow conditions, clean air and elegant environment.

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The Wujimi Ski Resort is located 115 km from Harbin City and 9 km from Shangzhi City. It is located close to the national expressway 301. Wujimi Ski Resort is located against the northern flank of the Sifang Ding Mountain and is a resort with SSS level in Heilongjiang Province.

The Expansion

The Wujimi Ski Resort Company had invested a large amount in 2004 for upgrading the resort. after this expansion, the resort now has 18 runs of 21 km in total for use. Before the expansion the resort only had 5 runs with 5000 meters length. The Wujimi Ski Resort also has 6 snowmakers, one cable, 3 lifts and much more. It has a comprehensive mall which offers entertainment as well as accommodation.


Visitors can rent out the skiing equipment from the equipment building which has more than 500 skiing suits. The resort also has 4 newly built European style villas. Post the expansion, this resort can now accommodate as many as 300 people.

It also offers a large skiing field which can accommodate 3000 people. Wujimi Ski Resort also has a well known skiing school with over 50 coaches. Other than skiing, people can also enjoy a wide range of other activities such as skating, snow flying saucer, snow motors and dog sleds.

The Skiing Period

At the Wujimi Ski Resort the ski period generally lasts for 120 days from November to March. It is located in the Wujimi Township in the Shangzhi City. It is also known to be one of the oldest ski resorts in China and has hosted several well known competitions. It is located at an altitude of 536.6 meters and has an average slope of 14 degrees.

The resort is skiable from December each year to March. In winters, the average temperature is -12 degrees. It has several trails today as well as three Nordic or cross country trails. Currently, 3 of the ski runs are into practice.

Major Skiing Events

Wujimi Ski Resort has been established in the year 1964 and has hosted several major and well known skiing events and a ski train with over 700 gold medalists. It has made a name for itself as a top ski town. It offers a great, beautiful environment, plenty of natural landscape, fresh air and much more. The snow conditions are usually good in the area, it also has various ski tourism facilities such as motorcycles, snowboarding, hunting, chair lifts, ropeways and mountain cableway. It is an ideal skiing resort for advanced and intermediate skiers.

The weather conditions here vary according to the season. The wind speed is lower but snow condition is good. However, four months each year can be quite slippery.

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It is located 115 kilometers away from Harbin City.

How to Get There?

It will take you one hour and a half by express way from Harbin to shangzhi city and another half hour from shangzhi city to wuji mi. Every day, a regular bus leaves Wuji mi skiing resort to Wumu ji at 8 am and to Harbin at 3:30 pm respectively.

Ticket Price:

Renting skiing equipment: 40 yuan/hour;
Snow flying saucer: 30 yuan/hour
Snow motor: 5 yuan/ minute
Snow sled: 10 yuan/ hour

Opening Hours:

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