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Cloud Dream Mountain

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Cloud Dream Mountain, also called Green Rock Mountain, belongs to the range of Taihang Mountain with its main peak 577 meters high. There are mountain ranges among ranges with mists around and murmuring springs, beautiful flowers and all kinds of magnificent scenery here, therefore, it was praised as the place that owns the beautiful scenery of the fairy land and has been a famous scenic spot since the ancient times. The famous poets and scholars in every dynasty all had been here and left many poems, articles, inscriptions and cravings. The Gui Guzi in the Warring States Period, Zhenji in Tang Dynasty and the Nee Suimu (his family name is Mu) had lived here as hermits. During the Anti-Japanese War period and the China’s War of Liberation, the underground organization of China’s Communist Party and the soldiers of the Liberation Army had also came here and therefore made this place very famous.

The historical relics remained now are 12 in Cloud Dream Mountain. Gui Guzi had set the first Military School in China’s history here and from which came many famous strategists like Su Qin, Zhang Yi, Sun Bin and Pang Juan.

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