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Crane Lake

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Crane Lake was begun to build in 1998 and finished in 2004. When it was finished, its total containment of water is 600 million cubic meters, and can hold the water area of as much as 13 square kilometers and thus formed a board lake on the high mountain with the beautiful picture of evening sunset on the water. Around the reservoir there are numerous beautiful peaks, green valleys, auspicious rocks and mountains, limestone caves and deep ponds which look like the scenery of Lijian River in the North.

There are many landscapes and human resorts here in Crane Lake and the beautiful peak Cockscomb Peak was named because of its cockscomb-like shape and is famous for its peculiar and precipitous rocks and features. The lofty and projecting mountain cliffs look as if they were cut straight by sword and the mountain passes are very difficult to climb, so it was also called ‘Little Hua Mountain’ and it is an ideal place for tourists to explore and seek the quiet and remote scenery here. There is a Xuantiandong Stone Pagoda built in the Sui and Tang Dynasties which is a key unit of historical and cultural relic under the protection of provincial government.

It was set among lofty cliffs and is at the foot of the mountain and beside the water, with strategically and dangerous terrain and queer scenery. This pagoda with four peaks is simple, elegant, and unique and has very high historical, archeological and artistic value, which belongs to the key units of the historical and cultural relics under the protection of provincial government. The Qi River flows to the east and thud formed a big Zhaizijiao Valley of 5 miles in length and beside this big valley is the lofty cliffs with murmuring spring, flowing waterfalls, high woods and clean streams in the valley which owns especially pleasant scenery and is an ideal place for tourists to relax and spend their holidays.

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