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Dapi Mountain

Last updated by chinatravel at 2016/4/29

Dapi Mountain is one of the first mountains that were recorded in the history and there are verdant pines and cypresses in the mountain and some ancient temples with different scenery in different seasons.

There are rich human resorts and beautiful natural landscapes here. Many Buddhist temples and Taoist temples like the big Stone Buddha which is the earliest one in China and also the biggest one in the North, the ancient monastery Tianning Monastery and the quiet and elegant Memorial Temple of Lu Dongbin (one of the eight Immortals in Taoism) made this place more mysterious and antique. There are also Tianqi Temple, Xingguo Temple, Memorial Temple of Lu Dongbin, Bixia Palace, Thousand Buddha Temple, Dragon Hole and some inscriptions and cravings of the famous persons like Wang Yangming and Wang Ze in this area.

The Fuqiu Mountain which is against Dapi Mountain is beautiful with marvelous scenery in all its variety, and the Thousand Buddha Cave in the mountain vividly shows the artistic feature of the stone carving of the Tang Dynasty. Bixia Palace, covering an area of 10 thousand square meters, has strict and even layout and unique feature, which has always been the culture and entrainment center for 450 years in the surrounding areas.

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It is 20 miles from Xun County to the New District of Hebi with 25 minutes drive and the traffic there is very convenient.

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