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Fuqiu Mountain

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Against Dapi Mountain Fuqiu Mountain owns very beautiful and charming scenery. Since it lies beside the Weishui River and looks like a boat floating down the river, so people call it ‘Floating Hill Mountain’.

In the mountain, there is a historical relic under the protection of state government-Thousand Buddha Cave which was carved in Tang Dynasty. There are thousand relief sculptures and statuses which are vivid with different gestures and looks and are really the stone carving treasures. Bixia Palace built in Ming Dynasty is grand and magnificent and is one of the five artistic works of architecture in Ming Dynasty, which is also a key unit of historical relic under the protection of provincial government. Like the Chinese famous sentence ‘A mountain is famous not because it is lofty and high but because there is a god living in the mountain.’ Bixia Palace was famous for the God of Bixia Yuanjun of Tai Mountain who was enshrined and worshiped there. Since in the reign of Jiaqing of Ming Dynasty, numerous people had come here to worship the God of Bixia Yuanjun in every January and the scale is very large and there would be tens of thousands people in one day and the temple fair thus formed is so large that can be listed as the top one among the four ancient temple fairs in the North.

The ancient city in Xun County enclosed tightly by Xiaogu Mountain with mountain in the city and city on the mountain which is just like the sentence ‘Every ten miles of the city will be with half of it lying on the mountain’ and you can also easily find the former style and feature of the former ancient city of Ming and Qing Dynasties in the now well-preserved common people’s house. Weishui River is divided into two parts which are like two jade belts winding here and then flowing graceful away which this area lively and pretty.

The old bridge lies across the river. The fresh and green willows are standing gracefully on each bank. The small island with the shape of Chinese lute is covered by green plants and trees and everywhere, on the island and beside the river, is full of charming scenery.

Fuqiu Mountain is 101 meters high and covers an area of 150 square meters. It is surrounded by Weishui River in the west, connects Pi Mountain Peak in the east, and faces the wild land in the south with the ancient city lying on its north, which is grand, majestic, lofty and steep. The Thousand Buddha Temple, Bixia Palace, Wenchan Pavilion and Guanlan Pavilion and so on are all in this mountain and there are so many that we can say it is not the mountain hide the ancient temples but the ancient temples occupy the mountain.

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