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Lingshan Temple Scenic Spot

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Lingshan Temple Scenic Spot includes Lingshan Mountain, Chaoyang Mountain, and Cool Mountain. Lingshan Temple lies among the mountains and with Ling Mountain at its northwest whose altitude is 337 meters; Muotou Mountain at its southeast which is 465 meters in altitude; Dragon Mountain in its east with the altitude of 400 meters; Tiger Mountain at its southwest with the altitude of 385 meters and Louhua Mountain as its pass way. This temple was first built in the period of the North and South Dynasties and was restored in the reign of Kaiyuan of Tang Dynasty, which manly lies in Ling Mountain and was named after the Chinese phrase “Xin cheng ze ling” which means if you believe it works. The ten scenes around the temple are very famous and they are: the first scene: Weiyanshaojin; the second one: lofty mountains with green peaks: the third one: the two persimmon trees with plenty red fruits in them when look in a distance the persimmons are like fires; the fourth one: Yjinglianhu; the fifth one Banyanfengyu; the sixth one: Jiutianmingpei; the seventh one: the huge rock and so on. There are more than 40 attractions in Lingshan Temple like Nuwa Peak (Goddess of Sky- pitching), Ancient Buddha Palace, Nuwa Palace, and Jade Belt River and so on. In the south of Lingshan Temple is the Chaoyang Mountain on whose half way is the Chaoyang Temple which was first built in the 7th year of the reign of Wuding of East Wei. It was built according to the terrain of the mountain and when you watch it in a far distance it just like a building hanging in the air; therefore it was also named Xuankong Temple (temple Hanging in the air). Chaoyang Temple has an exposure to the sun in all seasons, so it is rich in sunshine and is quiet warm in winter, thus a poet praised it in a poem like that: Mists floating around thousand peaks and they sometimes can cover the sky, when you climb high to appreciate the beautiful scenery, you will be unaware of the fact that you have already among clouds. Cool Temple lies on the west slope of Chaoyang Temple and is on the top of a canal under the lofty and high cliff with verdant green trees, which is quiet and cool. In the cliff against this temple are six stone caves and there are many carvings, statues and inscriptions in it which is vivid and interesting.             

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