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Natural Diagram of the Supreme Ultimate of Qi River

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Natural Diagram of the Supreme Ultimate of Qi River scatters around with an area of about one million square meters, and there are green mountains, blue rivers, pretty scenery and historical and cultural relics everywhere such as the Gauntu Terrace for the Emperor Ji Chang of Zhou in Shang Dynasty, Saiwang Slope (slope used for drying the net), Chessboard Mountain, Wenwang Pond(Emperor Zhou Pond), and Madam Xu Mu’s Fishing Place of Spring and Autumn Period, the ancient cypress of Yuan Dynasty and the Green Rock Temple of Qing Dynasty and the remains of the Ancient Porcelain Kiln and so on.

The profound historical and cultural charm, the ancient historical and cultural relics and the pretty, pleasant mountain scenery and beautiful Qi River blend perfectly and harmoniously with each other as a while and thus form a unique and magnificent landscape. The Natural Diagram of the Supreme Ultimate of Qi River is just engraved on the two banks of the river which like a reversed letter ‘S’ encircling the Yin and Yang like two fishes with the fishlike Yin heading west and pointing northeast, and the fishlike Yang heading east and pointing southwest, which is just made by the nature itself and shows its magic power.

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