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Relics of Hebiji Ancient Porcelain Kiln

Last updated by chinatravel at 2016/4/28

There are abundant unearthed relics and remains here after the several excavations after the Republic of China. According to the scientific appraisal, this ancient porcelain kiln was first put into use in Tang Dynasty and ended in the early period of Yuan Dynasty and lasted for several hundred years. The china made here has grave shape, various kinds and emphasis the decoration of it. Except the things for daily use like jar and urn, there are also some china wares for entrainment like chessman, dice and silver ingot and so on. The color of the glaze is mainly white, yellow, green, reddish brown and blue. There are also some porcelain in the style of Song Dynasty like those with green and light blue glaze, and all the printings on the porcelain including figures, scenery, flowers, plants, dragon and fish, vegetables and animals which have the rich flavor of life among common people. Now they have built the Hebi Exhibition Hall of porcelain kiln and besides the protection of the relics, it also exhibits some important unearthed relics for tourists.

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