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Hebi Travel Guide

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Hebi Overview

Hebi City is located at the east foot of Taihang Mountain and in the north part of Henan Province. Hebi got its name because of the legend spread through generations that there was a crane lying on the cliff of the South Mountain and it also has long history. In May 1957 it was approved by the state council to be a city and is one of the cities directly under the administration of Henan province. It now administrates two counties (Xun County and Qi County), three districts (Qibin, Shancheng and Heshan Districts) and Qibin Economic and technological Development Zoon with the total area of 2,182 square kilometers and the total population of more than 1.4 million. Hebi has fertile land and is rich in grain, cotton and oil crops.

It is also rich in tourist resources and has great developing prospect. There are floating Qi River, lofty Taihang Mountain with beautiful and grand scenery. Xun County and Qi County are the famous national and provincial historic and cultural city and were known for their relics and scenic spots. The famous persons, scholars and tourists all over in our country in all ages all come here to visit and the Dapi Mountain and Fuqiu Mountain in Xun County are the tourist resort of Henan Province that are open to the outside world. There are Big Stone Buddha, Tianning Temple, Taipingxingguo Temple, Tianqi Temple, Emperor Yu Temple, Confusion Temple and Memorial Temple of Lu Dongbin and so on in Dapi Mountain. The stone grotto of the thousand Buddha Temple of Tang Dynasty and Bixia Palace of Ming Dynasty in Fuqiu Mountain and the Museum in the Bixia Palace exhibits many rare treasures.