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There is no airport in Hebi and the nearest airport is the Xinzhen International Airport which is 130 miles to Hebi

Ticket Booking Telephone of the CAAC flight: 3376333 


The Jing-Guang Railway ( Beijing - Guangzhou ), No.107 National Highway, Jing-Zhu Highway (Beijing-Zhuhai), the projects for diverting water from the south to the north and the Jinghanguang International Communication Optical Cable all pass though this area with Tanghe(Tangyin-Hebi), Xinhe , Tangpu ( Tangyin-Puyang) Railway lying on the its both sides, which also connect to the Jing-Guang Railway.

The Inquiry Number of the Railway Station: 0392-6995114

The North Hebi Branch Railway Station of the Zhengzhou Railway Station

Address: It lies on the Railway Station of Heshan District in Hebi City, Henan Province

Post Code: 458010

Telephone: 0392-2626468

Hebi Railway Company

Address: the South Station of the Shancheng District of Hebi City, Henan Province

Telephone: 0392-2622273


Inquire Number of the Bus Station: 2622885(Old district) 3311079 (New district)

Zhongshan Bus Team of Hebi City

Address: No. 56 in the middle part of Zhongshan Road in Heshan District of Hebi City.

Post Code: 458020

Telephone: 0392-2621531

Binqi Bus Station (New district): 0392-3311079

Changfen Bus Station (Old District): 0392-262288

Xun County Bus Station: 0392-5523815

Qi County Bus Station: 0392-7222283 

Transportation in the City

The Service Complaint Hot-line of the City Public Bus Company: 2626116

The Price of the Taxi: the basic price of minibus is 3Yuan/mile; the car 4Yuan/mile

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