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Desheng Scenic Area

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 Mingqin Mountain

The mountain, like a jade scepter, stands towing in the centre of Desheng Street with clouds floating around. So it is also called Cloud Mountain. There are three characters, “Du Zun Feng”, engraved on it in Ming Dynasty. The caves in the mountain are famous for the echo effect. This sight has a poetic name called “Scepter plays music”.

Great Scene Mountain

The mountain is on the west of Desheng Street and has another name called “Yuan’s Mountain”. You can feel cool wind breezing in the caves between the mountains. General Huang Chen, a famous man in Song Dynasty, used to put up “Desheng Camp” here to subjugate the rebellion. So we also call the main rock of this mountain “General Huang’s Rock”. There’s a booth where Mr. Zhang Juguang washed his sword and some age-old steles of that time.

Ancient City of Desheng

The ancient city is about 1 kilometers west to Desheng Street. It is also the ancient site of Qianhu Place of Hechi Administration which was set up in 1395 and moved to Desheng in 1408. The city is like a rectangle and 500 meters wild and 1000 meters long. The main purpose of this place was to guard the pass and rule Qingyuan Wei. There were city gates and towers on each side of the wall, but only the east city tower survives now. The tower is 8 meters high and 11 meters long. The gate is 3.5 meters high and 3.4 meters wide. The wall is all made up of black quadrels and based on precisely chiseled rocks. The majesty and pageantry of the city will not disappoint you.


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Desheng Town is the west frontier of Yizhou City. It adjoins to Hechi City in the west and Huanjiang County in the north. Guizhou-Guangxi Railroad and Jinyi highway of No.323 national highway traverse the town. So the rail and highway network in Desheng could extend to all directions fast and conveniently. You can find the coach to Desheng on Jincheng Bus Terminal.

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Tip: Keep your eyes wide open on your way to Desheng Town. You will find several tumuli.

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