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Muluojia Goddess Gorge

Last updated by chinatravel at 2015/11/10

Muluojia Goddess Gorge is consisted of Sky Gate Gorge, Cool Wind Gorge and Dragon Gate Gorge. As this region is the typical karst topography and famous for the severe mountains, quiet gorges, absurd caves and clear water, it has another beauty name: Little Three Gorge. 

Sky Gate Gorge

Two strange peaks fall down from the sky suddenly and stand straight in front of “Only Peak”. They are Sky Gate Gorge which is 498 meters above sea level. When your yacht passes the gorge, looking up, you will find yourself among the mountains with colorful clouds floating around you. And the sky becomes small than the mountains. It’s just like an engaging dream to feel such a fantasyland.

Cool Wind Gorge

Cool Wind Gorge is the most beautiful spot here. On the right is the Kilo-layer Mountain which is peculiar in shape and layer upon layer. The mountain stands upright into the sky and the rock is extremely fine carved which will give people great impression of natural beauty. At here, numerous sights unfold to you one after another, just like “peacock welcomes guest”, “a gleam of sky”, “summer waterfall” and “sleeping beauty”.

 Dragon Gate Gorge

Dragon Gate Gorge is named after an old saying which says the carp jumping through the Dragon Gate. Uncountable carps jump past the Dragon Gate one after another vividly and happily. Near the Dragon Cave, you can see the “Great General” who emerges victorious in every battle. You can also see a white dragon speeding across the sky and bats ready to fly. Countless attractions will catch your eyes and make you relaxed, happy and imaginary..

 Menggu Folk Village

No sooner do you get into the gate of the Menggu Folk Village than you can hear the silvery and sweet folk songs that greet you. Several pretty girls of Zhuang come to you with wine cups in their hands. One cup of sweet rice wine may make you intoxicating. You can see the loom, the spinning machines on display and taste the authentic five-color glutinous rice.


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You can take bus from Jincheng River to this spot. The bus-travel lasts for about 40 minutes.

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