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Great Zhan River National Forest Park

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This forest park is 30 kilometers away from Wudalianchi Lakes scenic spot which is the famous world heritage. In this park, you could find the virgin forest and the special sightseeing left by volcano eruptions which come down in one continuous line with Wudalianchi Lakes. The unique scenery of Great Zhan River attracts experts, scholars and pathfinders abroad. It is called Three Gorges in the northern China. Great Zhan River wanders from south to north with cliffs and flourishing forests on the sides. The mountain adapts to the river well which makes gorgeous scenery. In some place, the water is as quiet and clean as a mirror; in some place, water waves with some scree scattering in it. Great Zhan River combines the vigor of Three Gorges and the tranquility of Lijiang River. Great Zhan River originates from the depopulated land in the forest on the mountain. It runs more than 200 kilometers to Heilongjiang River, its destination. As no one lives in the drainage area, it is a natural oxygen bar and the best place for enjoying the forest. Drifting in Great Zhan River is the best throughout China. In winter, here is a silver world with the snow of 2 meters thick. The powerful nature creates thousands of snow crafts with various shapes which are too wonderful to be described. In summer, you could observe the rain, the wind and the changeable rosy clouds. Sun rises in the east and it is raining in the west. It is spectacular to see rainbows in the forest, peaks in the clouds and billows of pine trees. The echo and continuous fragrance in the valley, green waters and towering mountains build fantastic landscape. Under the blue sky and white clouds, all these show the visitors the purity and beauty of this place with the elegancy and magic of the nature. The park is divided into six sections with 23 spots and covers a total area of 16.3 thousand hectares. The six sections are as follows: Entertaining center of forest culture, linking lakes scenic area, forest interest area, magic water scenic area of Yaoquan Mountain, drifting area of Great Zhan River and icy funfair area.

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take the bus to Zhan River forestry bureau and then transfer the forest train to Zhanbei forestry centre.

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Tips: (1) The best time for drifting is about June to September. During the drifting, you could do fishing, hunting or collecting mountain products. (2) Along the Zhan River, there are resorts of Olunchun features. You could live in the traditional house of Olunchun, taste the tender and delicious handgrip-meat, enjoy Olunchun handicrafts, talk with Olunchun people and experience the features of Olunchun nationalities. (3) You can take a direct coach from Harbin to Zhan River. The coach fare is about 60 Yuan/person and it is three hours faster than the train.

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