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Underground Ice River

Last updated by chinatravel at 2016/4/21

This is a snow cave in which the scenery is almost frost and snow. Under the cave, there is an underground ice river which is over thousands of years. By now, 380 meters of this river have been developed to offering sightseeing. And there is another 150 meters region for exploration only. The temperature in this cave is about 5℃ below zero all over a year. It is an ideal place for the exploration fans for its purely natural scenery.

The cave bottom looks like a slope. With the coverage of ice, it is smooth like the mirror. On the wall of the cave, there are frost flowers hanging on it which makes the cave too beautiful to describe. In the end of the cave, there are two stelae which look like two giant banyans. By now, it is the longest underground lava channel of the volcano in China. On the scaled wall of the cave, there are lava stalactites like thrones and many strange stone sculptures suspend here. A lot of trees overgrow on the surface of the cave. As the cave is rather long with a lot of corners and its bottom was covered with ice just like an ice river hiding underground, the cave was called underground ice river. Walking along the artificial cave approach, you could get to the bottom of the cave which is the entrance of lava cave. The entrance is 1.4 meters high and 2 meters wide. So you need to bow yourself to get into the cave. After you come into the cave, you will find a wide cave in the direction of 335 degrees northwest covered with ice which is 10 meters in width and 2.0-2.5 meters in height. The slope is 5 meters long and leans forward for about 35 degrees. When you move on along the slope, you will find the cave becoming higher. The grade of the icy surface is about 10-13 degrees and after several turnings, the grade turns to be 5 degrees. The average width of the cave is 8-10 meters and the average height is 2-3 meters. At the 213 meters of the cave, the cave becomes wider with the widest place of 20-odd meters wide and the highest place of 4 meters which make a hall with an area of 370 square meters and in the middle of the hall standing two sturdy stelae directly to the top. Passing the hall, the cave extends to another direction of 325 degrees northwest and the slope becomes flat. After two more turnings, you can get to the terminal of this cave. The end of the cave is not covered by earth, instead of ice. The rock on the top of the cave entrance is 20 meters thicker than that of the end of the cave. At the thickest place, the rock is about 30 meters thick.


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you can rent a car to go there.

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Tips: You could rent a down jacket in front of the cave as the temperature inside the cave is quite low.

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