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Woniu Lake Beauty Spot

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Woniu Lake is located at Kilometer 16 of Heihu Road. It is the provincial level scenic spot of Heilongjiang Province and a famous scenery spot in the northern end of China. The lake covers a total area of 50 square kilometers and overlooks the town of Blagovieshensk in Russia.

The lake is an unpolluted place with clean, clear, and moving water. Around are meandering mountains with flourishing trees and dense forests. As no main road passes here, this place is free from noise, soot, and busy traffic. Instead, one can find picturesque scenery, pleasant sights, and pure fresh air. Sometimes, small boats may pass by.

Every year, 1.5 million small fish are put into the lake that then reproduce to create 600,000 more fish. The annual quantity caught is about 75,000 kilograms on average, with the largest quantity of 100,000 kilograms. There can also be found many kinds of carp such as crucian carp, silver carp, grass carp, as well as catfish. Fishing lovers can most definitely demonstrate and practice their talents here. In winter, the frozen lake surface becomes a natural ice stadium. Travelers can skate, ski, play icy sail, and play sledges on the lake.
In the forests around stand various kinds of trees such as pines, birches, oaks, plum trees, and willows. There are also medicinal resources such as fruits of the Chinese Schizandra (northern five flavor berry), lilies, and caladium. Mountain potherbs like citron day lily, hill celery, and purslane are also green foods good for health. Besides, there are black bears, wild boars, roes, hares, lynxes, badgers, foxes, and pheasants.
In the southwest of Woniu Lake lie 7 mineral springs which connect with each other like the shape of the Big Dipper. That is why these springs are called the Dipper of Springs. They each spew naturally without any stop. The fourth spring spews out more than 500 tons of water every day! The spring water contains many kinds of microelements and is of high-quality mineral water with carbonates. It is said that as early as the 1930s, the mineral water of these 7 springs was praised as longevity water. 


1. Eating: The most common meals found at Woniu Lake are mostly fish banquets. Carps such as crucian carp silver carp, grass carp, and more from both in the lake and Heilongjiang River are all delicious. Visitors can also taste potherbs like wild brake, hill celery, willow buds, and purslanes.
2. Access: At the entrance of Woniu River is Heilongjiang River, which happens to take a turn here. The riverbank is long and curved with no fords. It is a natural harbor where kiloton-level ships can anchor. Boarding a vessel from this harbor, one can get to the downtown area of the city of Heihe. From there, one can continue on to Daheihe Island and then to the ancient city of Aihui. In fact, there are a number of incredible destinations linked together by this golden route of water travel. 

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take a coach in Heihe coach terminal.

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