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Wudalianchi Lakes

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Wudalianchi Lakes is a famous tourist attraction of volcano. According to the historic material, the volcano erupted during 1719 and 1721. The lava blocked the watercourse of Bai River and formed five lakes connecting with each other. Wudalianchi is the Chinese characters for five connected lakes literally.

The lakes boast of mineral water with high medical value. Mineral spring scatters everywhere from the southeast of Wudalianchi Lakes to the beautiful Yaoquan Mountain, a region covers fifteen kilometers area. The springs flow vigorously throughout years. It is estimated by relative departments that the spring water containing materials like chlorine carbonate and bicarbonate. Besides, there are more than ten essential microelements like manganese, iron and chromium in the spring. Drinking the spring water is good for digestion, blood and nerve system diseases. Washing with it could have curative effects of skin disease, eye disease and hair losing. Local habitants call it magic water as it could both cure diseases and do benefits to people’s health. 

Wudalianchi Lakes are famous for the great combination of beautiful mountain, strange stone, clean water and special spring. Fourteen seats of conical volcanoes stand up around the clear water of the lakes. Mountains and lakes embraced each other and come into harmony. Overlooking from the top of mountain, the black lava stretching 64 kilometers moves on just like a giant dragon or waves of the vast sea. It is really spectacular. The whiffing mountains lie on here row upon row and various shapes of lava look vividly which provide you too many things to see. The magic icy cave in the volcano is unique in the world in fact. In the midsummer time, a silver world will come into your eyes as soon as you step into the cave. You’ll feel chilliness at once and the summer heat disappears in a sudden. It seems that you are in the water palace or an ice one. And in winter, the cloudy fog is beautiful and pleasant. Additionally, mountain shadows in the lakes, boiling spring in the birch forest, heaven lakes in volcanoes, surging stones and burning castles are full of humor and wit which will keep you staying. In the city, there are Yishen Garden and Changshou Garden. There is Zhongling Temple on Yaoquan Mountain with Erlong Spring and Zhongling Park on the foot of the mountain for tourism. These 14 seats of volcanoes generally row in two lines. On the east, there are six volcanoes Molabu Mountain, East and west Longmen Mountain, East and west Jiaodebu Mountain and Xiaogu Mountain. On the west, there are South and north Gelaqiu Mountain, Wohu Mountain, Bijia Mountain, Laohei Mountain and Huoshao Mountain. All these are volcanoes which erupted 260 years ago and their features are complete. Besides, Yaoquan Mountain is located in the south with Weishan Mountain in the north. Yaoquan Mountain is the lowest one among these 14 volcanoes in sea level.

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there are public buses and sight-seeing buses to Wudalianchi Lakes.

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every year, from May to October

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Tips: (1) The specialties of Wudalianchi City are mineral water of Wudalianchi and craftworks as vesuvianite bonsai. The crucian and carp are its famous products too. Besides, the distilled spirit of Yaoquan is another local specialty. You might bring some spirit back as you like. It is good for self-drinking and is popular gift to your relatives and friends. (2) Accommodation and diet: People usually live and eat in the sanitarium when they go to Wudalianchi Lakes for travel or relaxation. The cost for food is quite cheap. Everyday, you only need to spend ten odd Yuan to get very good foods averagely. Don’t forget to drink a cup of magic water from the mineral spring which is free in most local restaurant. As the tourists mostly come here during June and August just the time that the local vegetables and fruits come into the market. The visitors can buy their favorite foods on the market by themselves and the foods are cheap and fresh. The small towns in the scenic area are almost composed of many sanitariums. The price of accommodating in the sanitariums in quite cheap. You only need to pay fifteen Yuan for a bed in a common four-person room. Besides, the price is quite reasonable if you lease a car through the sanitariums or hotels. The price is usually free of agency fee. The reference price of a Jeep is 100 Yuan/day while the price of motorcycle is about 50 Yuan/day and you need to buy the driver the lunch. If you want to stay here quite a long time, you’d better live in the house of the local people which is only about 5 Yuan/day for one person. If you are interested in cooking, you can borrow cookers from the landlord and do the cooking on your own. Inside the scenic region, there are a few of restaurants where you can eat fish alive, just like the crucian or the carp and it taste really delicious. The price ranges from 36 Yuan to 50 Yuan per kilogram according to the market. (3) Every year, on 5th May of Summer Calendar, there is the water drinking festival of Wudalianchi Lakes. And from June to September are the best seasons for travel. (4) Every year, the scenic spot is not opened to the public from November to next April But the visitors could get in too. There are barriers in front of the gates of Laohei Mountain and Huoshao Mountain where vehicles couldn’t pass. You can get in by bicycle or on foot. It is rarely cold in Wudalianchi in winter. If you travel on foot, you can only visit one place per day as the distances between each spots are all over ten kilometers. It is really a waste of time. So you’d better come here during the opening mouths. Between August and September, you can witness the golden autumn of northeast China. During these months, you could get rid of crowds of people and enjoy the same good services and the costs for the services are not very high.

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