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Baoyun Temple

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Baoyun Temple is one of the most notable structures within China, particularly in Hebei Province. This is more than just a landmark for travelers. It is also a tourist attraction which stands as a symbol of the rich history and prosperous culture of this place. 
The Baoyun Temple can be dated back to the earlier dynasties within China. The fact that it still stands today is already quite fascinating. When one witnesses the interesting structure of this temple, it is easier to understand why this is considered as an important part of the province. 
During the golden age of the Baoyun Temple, the sounding bells on the towers could be heard within a large area of the land. According to recovered tablets, this temple was initially built during the Sui Dynasty. However, this is not a definitive data because there is contrasting information that the temple is already erected during the time of the North and South dynasties. 
When the Baoyun Temple was still at its peak, it receives generous amount of visitors because it is frequented by pilgrims.

Things to Do 

Architectural Sight-Seeing 

Merely standing quite afar from Baoyun Temple will already make the trip so worth it. This structure has a very distinct architecture which is not frequently seen around China. Though it still exudes a very traditional appeal, its uniqueness can not be denied. 

Highest Tower

It looks like a stack of polygonal-shaped structure, each one having doors. There are eight tiers or floors for this structure. What makes it even more interesting is the fact that it forms an almost pyramidal shape because each of the tiers decrease circumference as it goes higher. This structure is considered as the highest tower within the entire Baoyun Temple. 
The walk towards the top of the tower is an enthralling adventure. The climb entails taking the stairs and each one leads to a door which allows one to ascend to the next level. There is no doubt, this highest tower presents magnificence and it also exudes prowess. 

Place of Worship

Despite the structural significance of the Baoyun Temple, this primarily remains as a place of worship. Inside the temple is a statue of Buddha. People go to this place to offer their prayers and express their faith. Some people also enter the temple to give their offerings. 
The statue of Buddha is also another work of art. It shows the intricacy of even the earliest sculpture of Chinese people. Originally, the Buddha which is found in the southern section of the tower’s first floor is made of stone which is carefully carved and smoothened. 

Walking Around

Aside from exploring the interior of the tower, visitors of the Baoyun Temple should not miss out the fun of walking around the compound. The area outside the structures is filled with trees and various types of flowering plants. Hence, a leisurely stroll can be quite relaxing. 
There are also stone covered pathways which people can easily follow so they can explore the entirety of the Baoyun Temple with ease. Other tourists opt to have tour guides who will accompany them. On the other hand, there are others who want to be a little more adventurous on their own so they would rather walk around alone. 
There are also stone structures which are often seen in the front part of the structures. Yes, these look very decorative but there is a deeper meaning for these structures. These are symbolic of the traditional Chinese belief. 

Solo Adventure Tips:


No.1 Central Street, Taocheng District

How to Get There?

The most convenient means of public transportation is by train. Beijing -Kowloon Railway and Shide Railway meets here.

Ticket Price:

Opening Hours:

All year round, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

More Tips:

Since the exploration around Baoyun Temple entails walking outdoors, it is best to visit this place during the summer months. 

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