Hengshui Lake National Natural Reserve

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For people who are longing to be in a tranquil and relaxing place, a trip to the Hengshui Lake National Natural Reserve would be the perfect solution. This place is the remedy for the tired minds and stressed out bodies because its natural beauty can be very healing, even for the soul. 
The Hengshui Lake National Natural Reserve is one of the most valued destinations within China because of its immense beauty. Aside from that, this is also well-protected by the government because aside from boosting the country’s tourism, it also serves as the habitat for various animals. There is also a wide array of plants and trees which grow here. 

Things to Do 

Upon reaching the Hengshui Lake National Natural Reserve, the first aspect which will captivate the attention of the visitors is the richness of this location when it comes to natural beauty. It is where flourishing flora, fauna, land formation and water formation all meet to create a spectacular view. The Hengshui Lake National Natural Reserve covers up to 238 square kilometers and each corner is picturesque. 


The beauty of Hengshui Lake National Natural Reserve does not end with the amazing landscape, glistening waters and spectacular horizon. This is also a place which serves as the sanctuary for different species. There are 310 kinds of birds and among the more popular ones are the red-crowned crane, Black Stork, oriental white stork, and other birds which are cared for on a national level. It is also the place where more than 34 species of fish can be seen. 

Hangshui Lake

The Hengshui Lake National Natural Reserve is the main attraction in this tourist spot. It is considered as the second largest inland freshwater lake in Baiyangdian. Another significance of this body of water is that it is an important water source for the entirety of Hengshui City.
Aside from the impressively lush greeneries which grow around the lake, this has also become a regular destination for migratory birds. When they transfer to Asian countries due to the European winter season, they stop over this place to feed, rest and even breed. The best time to see the migratory birds are from February to April. Then, another batch of birds rest within this place during the early weeks of October until the middle part of December. 
Over the years, a lot of local inhabitants also depend on the abundant resources that they obtain from the lake. Hence, fishermen can also be seen sailing along the graceful waters. Some locals also offer boat rides for tourists who would like to come closer to the beauty of the water. 

Tranquil Afternoons

For tourists, the best time of the day to stay in the Hengshui Lake National Natural Reserve is in the afternoon. They can set-up a picnic blanket in one corner and enjoy the mild sunshine which is also filtered by the trees and plants. The wind is cool even during the summer months so it is the perfect place to relax and unwind. 
There are also designated pathways within Hengshui Lake National Natural Reserve. These make it easier for the tourists to walk around the area with ease. 
Because of the importance of the Hengshui Lake National Natural Reserve for tourism, ecology and for the livelihood of the local inhabitants, this place is carefully preserved by the government. 

Solo Adventure Tips:


Located in Hengshui in Hebei Province, Jizhou, Zaoqiang triangle.

How to Get There?

Local central bus station is found in No.106, Zhanqian Road.

Ticket Price:

Opening Hours:
8:00 a.m.-17:00p.m.

More Tips:

Tourists are also expected to abide by some of the restrictions that are implemented so that the Hengshui Lake National Natural Reserve will remain well-maintained. 

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