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Jing County Dagoba

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The tower is originally called “Shijiawen Sheli Pagoda”. Though Kaifu Temple was ruined, yet the tower is still here, commonly called “Jingzhou Tower”. The body of the tower has 13 floors and the tower is an octal pyramid in appearance. It is 63.85 meters in height and the circumference of the pedestal of the tower is 50.5 meters. Huge stones are paved under the body of the tower, and the rest parts are built brick by brick. There are 4 windows separately on four directions on each floor; a several-hundred-stair winder is built in the pagoda; climbing up with the stairs, you can reach the top of the pagoda. The top of the pagoda is a 2.05-meter copper bottle gourd and there is a 3.3-meter-high reticulum made by wire netting. Whenever winding, the reticulum made by wire netting and the windows will make a sound like the sound of water, so they hence get a good reputation “ancient tower and wind music”

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Visitors can get there by bus.

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Recommended Time: a half-day

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