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Lingxiu Villa

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Lingxiu Villa consists of 3 scenic sections. The front scenic section includes Xuanmen, Huimu Street, the main shopping district, and the yacht berth. The middle section includes Impending Island, Ziwei Hill, the Great Wall, a labyrinth, and Zhenghai Tower.

Then in the rear part, there is North Island Vocation Village, hotels, and more. Impending Island and North Island face each other and are surrounded by water, forming the shape of “8” on the surface, hence the duo is also called 8 Lake.

More on the top attractions in Lingxiu Villa:

Xuanmen: Located at the entrance of Lingxiu Villa, is stands as high as 16.7 meters. Its main building was built with cornices and bucket arches, which are painted in gold, green, and red colors, looking very grandiose. A relic exhibition hall can be found upstairs, exhibiting china, bronze, and pottery for visitors to visit and admire. 
Huimu Street: This can be found in the north part of the inside of Xuanmen. There are many pseudo-classic style buildings with red pillars and wooden partition boards on both sides of the street. There are also many stores selling handicraft products, visitor’s souvenirs, various curios, calligraphies, paintings, and children toys on this popular and busy commerce street. Visitors of all ages and different walks of life can all find something to enjoy here, not to mention a myriad of gifts to enjoy or give to loved ones.
Impending Island: Located in the middle part of Lingxiu Villa, the body of the island itself is the historic architectural complex of Shazhu Temple. There is a gateway, Tianwang Palace, Bell-Drum Pavilion, Zhanghai Tower, and a stand for freeing captive animals. The themed Eighteen-Floored Hell was built in the southern part of Impending Island. Also to be seen are the statues of Hades, ghosts, and hell’s judges that can all be manipulated with modern technology with sound and light controls. The Great Wall is in the northwest of the island, and Zhenghai Tower is in the northeast corner with a labyrinth downstairs. 
Ziwei Hill: It is situated in the northeast corner of Lingxiu Villa, opposite Xuanmen. The hill is 17 meters high and over 40 meters long. There are pavilions, waterfalls, springs, and paths for people to climb. There is also a man-made solution crevice in the hill. Zigzagging and secluded, stepping into the crevice is like entering a fairyland with the help of light and stereo effects.

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It is convenient for visitors to get there by bus.

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8:30 a.m.-17:00 p.m.

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Recommended Time: a half-day

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