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Qinglin Tower

Last updated by chinatravel at 2016/4/29

There was a grand-scale temple called Qinglin Temple. Qinglin Tower is in the temple, so it got the name “Qinglin Tower” and it is also called “Raoyangdiang Tower”. The tower is built with flashed bricks and it is an octal pyramid in appearance. The body of the tower has seven floors, it is over 30 meters high, and a copper bottle gourd is situated on the top of the tower. The first floor is a 3-meter tower basement; above the second floor, there are four doors on the walls of four directions on each floor. There are many windows on the doors, and the panels on the windows are decorated with various carved patterns, such as, cloud pattern, lozenge pattern, lotus pattern, which are exquisite and various. The cornice of the tower is a 45 oblique arch. In the tower you can climb up with the stairs to the top. There are also many niches for Buddha and niches for lights on the walls of the tower.  

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How to Get There?
It is convenient for visitors to get there by bus.

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8:30a.m. -17:00p.m

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Recommended Time: a half –day

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