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Wuqiang New Year Picture Museum

Last updated by chinatravel at 2016/4/29

Wuqiang New Year Museum was built in 1985. Its building is very simple and elegant, full of traditional distinctive national and folk features. The museum not only shows the characteristics of Wuqiang-the homeland of New Year pictures, but also is a artistic palace hall to study traditional art and folk culture. Wuqiang was reputed as “the homeland of graphic arts of China” by Culture Department in1993. The meeting-place of Chinese Folk Graphic Arts Publishing Seminar was in the museum.

At present Wuqiang New Year Museum is the museum with the largest scale, the richest collection and the most popular display in China. It occupies an total area of 25100 square meters, with 2500 square meters exhibit area. There are 9 exhibition halls, 2 galleries, a workshop to show the recovery process of traditional handicraft products and a store to sell folk handicraft products. There are 3788 choicest New Year pictures since Ming and Qing in the museum. The exhibition hall is divided into four sections: ① The history of Wuqiang New Year picture . ② The traditional art style and characteristics of Wuqiang New Year Picture. ③ The traditional technology of Wuqiang New Year Picture. ④ The traditional management of Wuqiang New Year picture. Exhibits in the museum are mainly the originals, combining the reconstructions, so the exhibits here are a great variety of forms. The museum is the place, which shows history and reality, politics and art, traditional display and modern technology harmoniously. The whole exhibition is novel and unconventional, bearing the signs of the times, and with rich Chinese national color and folk features. At the same time, it is informative, artistic, interesting and participative.  It has got favorable reception from the experts at home and abroad since its opening. 

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Visitors can go there by bus.

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8:30 a.m.-17:00 p.m.

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Recommended Time: a half-day

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